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Free Yoga Videos: Routines You Can Do At Home

Updated on October 2, 2014

I recently did some price checking on what it would cost to join a yoga studio in my town, because I think I would enjoy the dynamic of a group class, and also because I’m more likely to do a longer workout than I would otherwise have done at home. Group yoga classes come with the mind frame of this is my hour and for this hour, I can be fully present in my body because I have no responsibilities or distractions. Group classes also have a support network of other participants who will encourage you to do your best, whether verbally or because of your own competitive ego. But group classes…are expensive.

I’ve found it would be cheaper just to join a gym and go to group fitness. But why pay a monthly fee for something I’ll only use a very small portion of, and that is probably of a lesser quality (yoga class-wise)? A third option is that the local community college offers continuing education courses where you can purchase 8 group classes at one of the gyms in town, without paying for a membership – now this would be awesome, if it weren’t the same price as just going to a yoga studio in the first place.

Alas, group yoga classes are on the back burner for now. It’s not all bad, though. A new pup in my household is a good reason to want to rush home after work and give her the attention she deserves. A brisk dog walk around the neighborhood is a good warm up for a 20- to 30-minute yoga routine, don’t you think? And with so many free yoga videos available on YouTube, Yoga Journal and other places, I think I can make do with what I have. Here are a few favorites I’ve bookmarked:

30 minute Yoga Sequence by Clara Roberts-Oss

20 Minute Yoga to Make You Sweat From YogaJournal

20 Minute “Lengthening and Opening” Yoga by PlumTV

For more free yoga videos, visit my Pinterest page. And if you’d like more variety, check out YogaGlo orMyYogaOnline‘s membership options.

Do you have a favorite free online video? Please post a link in the comments!


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