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Free Yourself From Toxic Thoughts

Updated on July 3, 2020

When we take care of ourselves, we become much more patient. Through self-love we free ourselves from toxic thoughts that intoxicate our organism. But how can we practice this self-love? Simple. Introducing in our routine simple practices that bring us confidence and a sense of well-being. These practices will fuel new behaviors, new ways of thinking and communicating, which promotes a more positive brain attitude. It is necessary to re-educate our brain for this change, and with persistence and repetition it will do this work automatically.

Before starting our routine, we should do a thank you exercise: sit down for five minutes and be grateful for all the good things that make up our life (work, home, achievements, people who love us, challenges overcome or the simple fact that be alive).

Free ourselves from phrases that represent limiting convictions and that hinder our journey and achievements. With training, we will always be able to use positive phrases, which will reduce our limitations.

On the way to work, we repeat as many times as possible: “I am an extraordinary professional, my work is an excellent contribution to the company where I am”. So, we started the routine with a smile. We are creating greater disposition and motivation for the day ahead and we will certainly do our best.

We tend to have some nervousness and stress when we're in traffic, but we can use these moments to break free from things that make us feel bad. Put on a song that we really like, sing and focus on our breathing. Inhale, keep the air and throw away. 7 times in a row. And smile. This time is ours alone and we must enjoy it.


Whenever a problem arises, we ask “What resources do I have to solve this? What qualities of mine have already solved this challenge before? How can I simplify? ” Our subconscious automatically presents us with the answers and resources we need. Thus, we relieve emotional exhaustion and are faster and more practical, making us lighter and more relaxed.

When your mind is racing, you must stop everything you are doing! For a brief moment we must focus on hearing: what sounds do we have around us? Can we hear our hearts? If we put our attention on our heart rate, we leave the repetition of thoughts that were wearing us out, we divert our attention to other things. In this way we become more clairvoyant and this distance allows us to see everything more clearly and calmly.

It is an excellent tool to release what intoxicates us, be it at the food level, or emotional. As we move the body, we activate the production of neurotransmitters that will fight the stress hormone. By clearing this hormone, we increase immunity, expel irritability, tension and gain health and joy.

Meditation works miracles! Sweep away the ghosts we have accumulated and free us from fears and worries. We must choose early morning or evening for this practice. Disconnect from the outside world and connect with the inner world. What's going on inside us? What do we feel? Getting used to establishing this connection with us is almost a necessity.

If we knew how to breathe, stress would be something we would not be aware of. When we breathe deeply and slowly, we slow down the heart rate, reduce mental activity and adrenaline levels in the body, which is great for preventing nervous reactions, panic attacks and arguments. Every day in the morning and at night take 7 deep breaths (always from the nose) with your eyes closed (to reduce mental activity), breathe in calmly and deeply and keep your breath for about 5 seconds. Then breathe out even more prolonged. When we open our eyes again, it feels like an incredible peace.

Before going to sleep we should always focus on good things. Read and listen to positive, joyful and constructive reports. Choose a positive book or phrase that inspires us and do better tomorrow. This way we will fall asleep peacefully and this tranquility will make us wake up well with life!

These are simple guide lines to improve out thoughts and consequently our lives. These has been a great help for me. I wrote this article based in a portuguese book that I have just read called 'Free from negative thoughts'.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Manuela


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