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Freedom Alert 911 Personal Emergency Response System

Updated on March 16, 2012
Medical Alert For Seniors
Medical Alert For Seniors

Freedom Alert 911 Personal Emergency Response System

When I first saw the Freedom Alert personal emergency response system commercial I couldn't help myself from thinking about the old "I've fallen and I can't get up" As Seen On TV ads we all came to know and love. I had a nice chuckle but as I myself have begun to age, I've realized how important a personal alarm can be.

There are so many things that can go wrong, especially with Senior Citizens, and we tend to worry about them probably a little more than we actually need to. With theFreedom Alert 911 personal emergency response system our loved ones can maintain a level of freedom and independence while their caregiver can have piece of mind.

I was shocked to read recent statistics about falls suffered by people 65 years and older. Nearly a third of all people in that age bracket will have some type of fall this year. Of those 28% are likely to die between the time of the fall and the time help arrives. Less than 40% of those people will return to living a fully independent life.

It is agreed that the sooner help arrives, the better off the victim will be. We often hear of people falling and because they are alone, or nobody checks in them, they will suffer and die from what are traditionally considered non-life threatening injuries.

The solution, to have a medical alert for seniors, is a very simple one and involves the ability for an accident victim to quickly call for help no matter where they might be. The original personal emergency response systems worked well in theory but most required monthly monitoring fees and only worked if someone was able to get themselves to the device.

Now, the Freedom Alert 911 comes in the form of a Pendant to be worn so it is with your loved one at all times. There are no monthly monitoring fees because the system bypasses any monitoring station.

Instead, the Freedom Alert personal emergency response system can be programmed with up to 4 emergency numbers. In the case of an accident the first number is dialed from the pendant. If there is no connection, then the Freedom Alert automatically dials the second, third and/or fourth number until you are connected with someone on the other end.

Further, the Freedom Alert Personal Medical Alert System is equipped with a two way speaker system which allows for better communication when it is really needed. The base of the unit is easily inserted into a standard phone jack, and the device itself can be worn around the neck, on the belt or on the wrist.

With no monthly fees, the Freedom Alert system is something which should be considered by caregivers because it will contribute to the quality of life for those struggling to maintain the joy of independent living.

To get an idea of why the Freedom Alert medical alert for seniors may be the right choice for you, it is best to see it in action.

Freedom Alert 911 Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Buy Freedom Alert 911 Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Security has never been so small or affordable. The Freedom Alert
Medical Alert personal emergency response system for seniors is really is the first product in the business ever to allow you instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends, or neighbors, at any time from ANYWHERE in or around the home.

And again, if your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment then the system will default to other contacts or a 911 emergency operator. So what is this piece of mind worth? Well we know it's priceless but the cost is only $279.

Remember there are no monthly monitoring fees so $279 is all you pay and the shipping & handling is free! If this price is cost prohibitive, Explore the Freedom Alert sister product, Guardian Alert, which is less expensive but shares many of the same personal emergency response system features

Freedom Alert 911 Senior Medical Alert Features & Benefits

  • No monthly fees, no activation fee, no long-term contracts
  • Two-way programmable system allows you to talk directly
    to relatives, neighbors or friends with an automatic default
    to a 911 operator
  • Comes with two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an
    emergency back-up battery for the base station.
  • Includes a lanyard and a belt clip
  • Splash resistant – take it to the shower with you!
  • Feel secure in knowing that the system works by simply
    pressing the test button anytime
  • Recommended by doctors, healthcare providers and experts
    across North America

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    • profile image

      Regina 7 years ago

      I’m really grateful to the availability of the medical alert system. With this, I can live without worries about my elderly mom’s safety who lives all by herself. But let me share that it is more practical for the elderly to couple their medical alert system with the Just5 Easyphone. This is a simple cell phone with PERS features. My mom uses this and what is great about this is that it secures the safety of my mom even while she’s outside of the house, which can’t be done by the conventional medical alert system. At the same time, this also serves as her communication device. Plus, this is very affordable so this won’t be a burden.

    • rakoo profile image

      rakoo 7 years ago from Midwest

      Wow, Yes, how far is the signal?

    • andhe profile image

      andhe 7 years ago from Sweden

      Hmm, how far does the signal reach? My grandparents could use this but they have huge garden.

    • Medical Alarms profile image

      Medical Alarms 7 years ago

      The Freedom alert and Guardian Alert are both great products for emergency response. I would definitely wear them as a pendant because I need my wrist for my irenew bracelet.

    • adorababy profile image

      adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      This allows you to communicate with the operator from anywhere around your home, even while working outside your garden.

    • Medical Alarms profile image

      Medical Alarms 8 years ago

      Really Nice Hub On Personal Emergency Response Systems. I'm very interested in these type of gadgets.

    • profile image

      Sal 8 years ago

      LoL, I found my way here through that Guardian Alert hub and realized that you were thinking about "I've Fallen and I can't get up" too. I stand corrected. Nice Job!

    • Seen On TV profile image

      Seen On TV 8 years ago

      Good Question Ellie. The batteries need to be changed often but the Freedom Alert Senior Medical Alert makes it easy. There is a button on the back of the unit and when pressed tests the battery function. If all's well, you will hear a voice saying unit is functioning properly. If not you will be prompted to change the batteries. The button is right on the Pendent and should be checked often just to get in that habit.

    • profile image

      Ellie 8 years ago

      Does this medical alert for seniors need batteries changed often? How do you know how long the last. That may be important.


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