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Senior Panic Button They Can Talk Through - Emergency Wall Communicator Module

Updated on November 25, 2010

Emergency Wall Communicator

Water resistant two-way voice communicator
Water resistant two-way voice communicator | Source

Short Video Of The Emergency Wall Communicator

Freedom Alert Emergency Wall Communicator

The Newest version of the Freedom Alert Medical Alert System available. Now with DECT technology. What is DECT? Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a digital wireless communication technology that operates at 1.9 GHz. It has now become a global standard in cordless telecommunications. In general and all other technology components being equal, the lower the frequency, the longer the physical range you'll get with your cordless communications. DECT 6.0 technology is the best in today's cordless phone market. DECT technology is designed and dedicated to cordless communication in residential, commercial and public environments, so you're unlikely to be interfering with other home electronics. Besides premium voice quality and extended range, DECT technology is inherently more efficient withbattery life. This means that your batteries will last much longer with a DECT product than other technologies. Don't be confused with Freedom Alert systems on the market. Older versions of the Freedom Alert have an antenna on the base unit. The NEW DECT version doesn't need an antenna because the technology is so powerful. Make sure you purchase the NEW DECT version of the Freedom Alert.

What are the NEW features of the Freedom Alert II with DECT that you won't find on previous models?

- Superior Voice Quality - Greater Range - Stronger Signal Ability to Penetrate Walls and Floors - Longer Battery Life - Optional Remote Wall Mount Communicator Compatibility - Automatic Pendant Battery Low, Near Empty and Empty Notification - Ability to Turn Off 'Press 5 To Continue' Prompt - Ability to Change 911 Emergency Number to Another Number (Useful when 911 is not the standard emergency number) - Audio Notification If Pendant Signal Strength is Less than 80% Power when in use


Information Regarding The Two-Way Voice - Wall Communicator Option

This Two-Way Voice Communicator can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter top. Press the Red button to activate the dialing and communicate two-way through the built in speakerphone in the unit. The unit is water resistant so it can be mounted in a shower. This communicator runs on 4 standard AAA batteries and can operate in standby mode for over a year without changing batteries. This communicator is not available on older models of the Freedom Alert. It is ONLY available with the new DECT version. For more information go to thefreedomalert dot com.

Safety –
Carry the emergency call button all over your home and yard with you, even in the shower.

Save Dollars –
With No Monthly Fees you will save hundreds of dollars each and every year when compared to the cost of a monitoring service.

Save Dollars –
What is the cost of an ambulance trip and an emergency room visit? By calling friends or family to help in the event of a fall you can save an ambulance trip and hospital charges.

Save Time –
Save time when contacting family or friends or even 911 because they are called directly instead of being connected by a call center. Minutes count in the event of an emergency.

Portable –
Take this system with you when traveling to family or another location. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

Comfort –
Provide comfort in speaking with someone in the event of an emergency instead of pressing a button and waiting for help to arrive.

Simple To Use –
With one simple button to press it is much easier to use than dialing a phone under stressful conditions. It’s simple for children to use and those with memory or vision issues.

The possible uses and benefits are tremendous!!

Personal Security has never been so small or affordable.

This is the first product ever to allow you instant

2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable

pendant to fam, friends, or neighbors, at any time from

ANYWHERE in or around the home. If your programmed

contacts are unreachable at the moment – the system can

optionally default to contact a 911 emergency operator.

Never be out of range from assistance again. Up to a 600

foot range.

Talk Through The pendant - It is Water Resistant so you

can wear it on the shower. It is also Pacemaker safe.

It is just a one time purchase – no monthly fees!

Never pay a monthly, activation or set up fee again.

It's yours to keep and use forever.

Once you purchase it there is nothing more to pay.

Emergencies can happen in all parts of a home and frequently

right outside a home in the yard or driveway. So whether you are

just checking in with a friend, need some quick help from a

neighbor, or are in an emergency, your system

will allow you to communicate your message instantly and

efficiently from anywhere in and around your home.


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