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From Man Boobs to Pecs!

Updated on May 13, 2009

Guys with great Pecs

Getting Rid of Man Boobs!

 Do you have Man Boobs, if you look in the mirror and see breast instead of pecs then try this! First diet and aerobic exercise. As you lose weight and exercise your pecs the man boobs will melt away and start to turn into pecs.

Try these exercises to develop great pecs, remember quanity does not matter it's all about quality.

push ups

Push ups are one of the greatest exercises you can do for your chest, shoulders, arms, and back. This exercise you can do anywhere. They do this exercise in any boot camp or training for military, police, and firefighters. Matthew Machoney said that he rarely exercise at a gym but does plenty of aerobic exercises and about 200 push ups. I myself have not reached 200, but after about 100 push ups, my chest is sore and tight, just doing push ups I gain muscle mass in my chest and have developed a strong upper body. I first notice this when I put on one of my shirts and it felt tight. I could see my pecs popping out. My wife looked at me and said wow, you pecs have gotten so much bigger. Push ups are not used as much as they should be. They are one of the best exercise to develop a great looking upper body. They also can be done anywhere, if you are busy and travel a lot, well just do a lot of push ups.


Another great exercise is dips. This one is not used as much either. It is great for developing strong triceps and pecs. It can also be done just about anywhere.

The Bench Press.

This one is used a lot. It is a great exercise to develop a strong chest. But use it wisely. Remember it's not about quantity, but about quality. Do it slow and focus on the movement. The most important movement is when you are coming back down, do it slowly and focus on the movement. Contract your muscles as you lower the bar. Also do a really heavy weight for about 3-6 reps. I do 190lbs for about 6 reps and I do it three times. Then I do 180 lbs for 6 reps about three times.

Doing these exercise along with a healthy diet and lots of cardio you can develop a strong chest. You can melt away the man boobs and turn them into sexy pecs! 


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    • profile image

      HEY !! 5 years ago

      920,000 push ups a year so i like cheese bacon and tomato squirrel with boulder stew. capsicum is good to give tumour growth and paranoia. do you like broccoli with your baseball.

    • profile image

      Jim 5 years ago

      How many pushups should I be doing a day?

    • profile image

      brotherwilliam 6 years ago

      To: P. Allston Janoski

      My heart goes out to you. I know very well body shame and really wish I can accept who I am and what I look like.


    • profile image

      P. Allston Janoski 7 years ago

      High cardio might bring your overall weight, your water weight, and you body fat down, but "man boobs" (a term which has the unique effect of insulting both men and women) is a more complex problem. I suffered from gynecomastia my entire life. While my condition wasn't extreme, my chest contour was nevertheless very feminine. I worked out at the gym every day, an hour and a half of cardio. I worked with weights but was very careful not to build up too much muscle in my chest. When I did, I found I'd get bigger...a solid layer of muscle only pumped up the fat. Early on in life I discovered that being super thin did not cure the problem. Yes, my fat flattened out and was reduced. But the fat in my chest seemed to have a metabolism of its own. I became a very skinny young man with a still-feminine contour to my chest. I suffered every time I was put into a situation where other men were shirtless in public...the gym, the school locker room, the pool, the beach, picnics, you name it. Summer was the worst time of year for obvious reasons. I learned which brands of polo shirts were more or less "clinging." Because the problem worsened in my pre-teens, I developed rounded shoulders from trying to sink in my chest. I still have shortness of breath from years of suppressing a full and satisfying breath. Achest filled with healthy air only drew attention to my problem. My sex life was nearly destroyed. I am a very handsome man. But I could see the odd looks my partners would give me when I removed my shirt. I recall several instances when I was caught in the rain wearing only a polo shirt. The wetness would make my shirt cling. Once, a group of teens yelled out, "Hey, get a bra!" I couldn't afford liposuction until I was in my early 40's. I did my research and went to one of the most respected plastic surgeons in New York City to have my breasts reduced through lipo. The entire procedure cost $14,000. At first, it looked as if I might never have to worry about my chest again. While it wasn't sculpted, it was no longer feminine or full. But I began to notice a hardening beneath my left nipple. When I felt around the area I discovered a larger mass of hard tissue beneath. I hadn't felt anything like this before. My surgeon said it was fibrous tissue combined with internal scar tissue. After 3 years I began to notice that my left breast was clearly fuller than my right. On very humid days it seemed as if my left breast enlarged even more. My surgeon said I probably needed another surgery to remove the hard mass. He'd have to go into the breast through the nipple. He gave me an estimate of $9,000 for this second surgery. That was a year ago...three years after the original surgery. I can't afford to have it done. And so I enjoyed no more than three months of feeling that my chest looked "normal." My surgeon said he was conservative when he performed my surgery in 2006. He explained why it was safer. I felt he was too safe. And so my lifetime of feeling ashamed of my appearance never really ended. It continues. When I hear the term "man boobs" I don't find it funny.

    • bretwefun profile image

      bretwefun 8 years ago from Georgia

      nobody likes man boobs, you definitely want to hit some high cardio workouts, but building up your chest muscles is very important as well.

      I have a hub on how to just that here