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Frustration Remedies to Overcome Problems at Work

Updated on March 26, 2020
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Diverse work experience has made me feel frustrated at different work stages. I have learnt to overcome it. You can learn it as well.

Frustration at Work

Frustration is a word, feeling and expression that makes life complicated and miserable. Most of the times it leads to incorrect decisions. The fact is that each one of us has to deal with it at some juncture of life. If we deal with it well, we emerge as a winner and if we don’t, it generates difficulties in life.

We may have this feeling due to numerous reasons like family care, debts, job etc. However, our job profile may take this feeling to extremes and hence could motivate us to take decisions that may impact our earnings.

I understand the feelings that an unwanted job can create, as I have been through the difficult situations myself. I quit one of my jobs due to frustration but I later realized that I took a wrong decision. You can can think of it as a psychological phase that could develop due to some unhealthy or unwanted situations at work.

There are various work phases, including the one when you are burdened with a type of work that you don’t want to do. However, you continue doing it because of your obligations in life. Many a times, this phase tests our patience to an extreme and we quit. With experience, I have learnt that it's easy to deal with any internal feeling before we decide to quit.

To help you overcome the feeling of frustration, I am sharing few remedies below:

Remedy 1 : Patience

Patience is the best medicine for frustration. Some are born with high patience and some have to develop it. This attribute of personality helps to tackle real time situations. Let's consider one of the situations, to understand this better; There are times when your boss feels unhappy with you or point you out for an error that you have not committed. This leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration. Patience can help us to overcome this feeling.

Patience is an indirect power to exhale frustration and if you develop this attribute within your personality, you can win countless situations. Here is an example from my life. Once my boss was yelling at me. I was already frustrated with the work. I felt like I should reciprocate but then I decided to be patient and remained quite. Later, I collected complete data and went back to him with a proof of him being wrong. He acknowledged his error and apologized for his behavior. I remained calm through the entire situation and it helped me indeed. Patience worked for me in this particular situation and gave me inner satisfaction. Similarly, if you consider yourself in a similar situation, patience can be really helpful.

Remedy 2: Intelligence

I define ‘intelligence’ as a weapon to fight frustration. I believe that everyone has unique intelligence and different people may have diverse intelligence levels. When you get excessively frustrated due to something, you should use your intelligence and think if it is helping you anyways. Think, what is it giving you? You will observe that it is only escalating your blood pressure, adding to your stress levels and is accumulating negative thoughts.

When you get too frustrated, it is the time when you should think intelligently about the ways to calm down. Tell your mind to be quite and pay attention to your heart. Your heart will tell you to get out of that place for some time and relax.

There are several ways to calm down. This includes taking leaves from the job and going out for holiday or just spending some good time with friends. In a situation when you think that you are too angry and will burst out, you should get out of a particular situation and relax for five minutes. In five minutes try diverting your mind to think about something you like. Probably your dream car, dream holiday or about your lovely life partner.

Remedy 3: Talking

The third level of problem solving approach is, 'Talking'. If you have been patient enough and you think that intelligence is not serving, you should talk about the circumstances. If it’s your boss who is creating this intensity of frustration, talk to him with your points and see if you get some satisfaction.

There are times when even talking to boss doesn't help, as the bosses are sometime too assertive and not good listeners. It add on to your frustration levels. This is the time when you should definitely speak to someone else who is very close to you. This could be your husband/wife, friends etc. Believe me it helps! I understand that some of you would not agree with this point of view and would rather prefer sitting alone at the corner to get out of negative mind frame. However, talking does help to vent out and is definitely better than sitting alone.

Remedy 4: Hard Work

'Hard work' is the last but not the least effective remedy of frustration. If you are frustrated about something, you will need to work hard to resolve your problems completely. If you don’t like the work you do or your boss, and you have applied all the remedies suggested above, you will have to work hard to change your environment. You can do this by changing your work profile or work place. Be a fighter in these circumstances and keep controlling your frustration levels using remedies above. You have to do this until your hard work results in a new job offer or work profile.

If you do not get your desired job quickly, don't let frustration take over you. Rather understand that something is missing in your effort. Keep working hard until you achieve success. It is always better to use hard work as a remedial tool to overcome challenges of the situations. Hard work will give your peace and internal satisfaction, as you tried your best.

Finally, I wish to convey that Patience (P), Intelligence (I), Talking (T) and Hard work (HW) are the best solutions of your job frustration troubles.

I describe this as 'PITHW- Remedy’ for frustration.

People who try, hardly lose the battle. If they lose, they win in their hearts….

….Because they tried their best!

— Param Arora

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 BrillzLife by Param Arora


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