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Fun Alcohol Abuse Facts

Updated on September 10, 2009

Fun Alcohol Abuse Facts

So you love to drink alcohol.  You may be one of those people that love to drink the stuff on a regular basis.  If you are a man, you probably tell yourself that drink a lot makes you a real man!  I am sorry to say but this way of thinking was conditioned.  It is possible that you have learned your ways from your family or friends.  No matter what kind of alcohol you drink or how much you drink, it is not doing wonders for your body.  I will now write about alcohol abuse facts.  Hopefully this will open your eyes a bit and force you to get the needed help.

If you are a person that likes drinking a lot you should know that it is affecting your liver. Cirrhosis of the liver is the most common side effect of alcohol abuse.  After drinking for several years know that your on the inside of your body your liver is starting to look like vomit.  Further, know that you need your liver to remove the toxic chemicals from your body.  If you drink heavily you are killing your liver's ability to do so.  Liver failure equals death.  Are you ready to die?

You may notice that as time goes on it is harder to form sentences and say certain words.  This is because the alcohol has affected the brain.  Alcohol actually destroys brain cells.  Brain cells is what make your physical brain exist. If you are removing the aspect that makes your brain exist, you will eventually not have one--well not to that extreme, you will just suffer from severe cerebral shrinkage.  Do want a small brain and lack the ability to communicate with others?

Do you feel sad after you have had you few drinks.  This is pretty normal for someone that suffers from alcohol abuse.  Depression is a side effect and will only get worst with continuous abuse.

These were a few alcohol abuse facts.  I hope they give you the motivation to kick the habit.  If you need help make sure you ask your doctor for assistance. Also, do not be scared to ask your friends to help you out.  Good luck with your effort.


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