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Ginger Powder: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Updated on August 2, 2020
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The magnificent detoxifier of our body: ginger powder. Ginger powder is now widely used in the kitchen. It is used for the preparation of desserts, cakes and biscuits, it is also intended for the creation of original and spicy dishes, as well as in the preparation of infusions of all kinds. It doesn't take much to realize the widespread diffusion that this rhizome has conquered in the market: there are even herbal teas made from this spice.

The merit is to be attributed only in part to its flavour, given that the latter is revealed, in truth, pungent and bitter, therefore not appreciated by everyone. It is the therapeutic properties of this precious tuber that justify quite a lot of diffusion and the wide use that is made of it in our kitchen.

Ginger powder: health powder with very ancient origins

In fact that ginger is particularly appreciated today by virtue of its extraordinary therapeutic properties has suggested the creation of a powder, declined for the widest uses. It proves comfortable, practical and above all lasting because, even if 100% natural, it is obtained from dried ginger, therefore it does not mould and does not deteriorate in the short term.

Ginger powder is able to give that touch of all original and pungent flavour that has made it one of the leading ingredients in Indian and Chinese cuisine, in which it is often used also for the preparation of soups and dishes with sauces, but also of chocolate in the cup or in bars.

Ginger enters the preparation of herbal teas with flying colours, while the non-alcoholic drink that has been used as its main ingredient, ginger, has been well known for centuries. The use of ginger has its origins in the Florentine confectionery manufacture from the early medieval age: the sixth story of the eighth day of the Decameron, in which this rhizome is mentioned, is testimony to this.

The valid therapeutic properties of ginger powder

This extraordinary and original powder is a real cure-all for our health. It boasts extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties which, in less severe cases, make it appreciable for the reduction of joint and muscle pain, headache and toothache.

Ginger powder also has valuable beneficial properties for our intestines: it has been shown that moderate but constant use of this rhizome is able to fight colitis and intestinal tumours. The qualities of ginger are now widely endorsed in the scientific field, so much so as to be considered as the best purifying food for the stomach and intestines.

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