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GPS Tracking for Children - what is the best Kids Tracking Device to Locate and Keep Your Child Safe?

Updated on February 21, 2011
GPS tracking devices generally integrate with Google maps/ Sensis to provide an easy to follow interface. You can track your child's every move in real time for peace of mind.
GPS tracking devices generally integrate with Google maps/ Sensis to provide an easy to follow interface. You can track your child's every move in real time for peace of mind.

Modern GPS tracking can help you keep your kids safe.

All about the USA's "Amber Alert" government initiative

GPS devices have found their way into many facets of modern life. We use them in our cars, on smart phones, to keep tabs on employees using company vehicles. It is no great leap then, that GPS child tracking devices should be used to prevent children from going missing. There are numerous companies that specialize in this technology, and in the United States, Amber Alert is generally regarded as the benchmark in performance. Modern GPS child tracking devices are compact, and discrete. They can be tucked into your child's luggage, worn on the wrist, or around the neck like a pendant.

What is Amber Alert, and why is is called that?
In the USA an "Amber Alert" is also known as a Child Abduction Emergency. Equivalent child abduction alert bulletins now go by a similar name in many countries worldwide, and are issued upon the suspected abduction of a child. In America this missing person broadcast began in 1996, after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas.

     How is it distributed?
           Amber Alerts are distributed via commercial radio stations, satellite radios, TV stations and cable TV by the Emergency Alert System and NOAA Weather Radio and is issued via e-mail, electronic traffic-condition signs, LED billboards or through text messages.
Amber alerts use the Emergency Alert System which had previously been used basically for weather bulletins and is usually containing a description of the abducted child and abductor. However, Amber alerts has criteria in which most states adhere to:

·        Law enforcement must confirm that abduction has taken place.

·        The child must be at risk of serious injury or death.

·        There must be sufficient descriptive information of child, captor, or captor's vehicle to issue an alert.

·        The child must be 17 years old or younger.

Data from Amber Alert are entered usually into the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation National Crime Information Center. When investigators are convinced that the abducted child is in danger or being taken across the border to either Canada or Mexico, they notify the U.S Customs and Border Protection, United States Border Patrol and the Canadian Border Services Agency. These mentioned agencies are expected to search every car coming through a border checkpoint.
Moreover, Amber alerts advocates in the prevention of abduction of children in the US. Further measures are done to assure non-false alarm abduction and notification of other agencies takes place. Pursuit of the abductor then happens then.
Now if you are interested in keeping in contact with the agency in case of some emergencies, then subscribe to receive AMBER Alerts in your area via text message that can visit Wireless Amber Alerts. Police organizations usually make the declaration of any Amber Alerts and investigate abduction cases.


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