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Updated on April 12, 2012

Standing Strong

We are the most amazing beings ever created on this Earth Plane for we are so intelligent with many, many talents. I hope that you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. I believe that everyone holds a strong power within themselves and this power is there for you whenever you call upon it. We all have this inner light and its a light that shines so bright and its forever eternal. It's important for us to believe in ourselves to the fullest extent possible. For, when you believe all things are possible the things you believe in will come forth unto you. Believing that you can do something is the first great step in achieving that particular goal. We should all believe in the power of ourselves and let no one sway us from that true thought.

Some people have been ridiculed, criticized, put down, called out, picked on and alot have been told...."You'll never do that....You can't do that...etc...etc" You know who those people are and sometimes these people are very close to us. They are suppose to support us but only discourage us for their own self gain. I feel for so many people who live with a spouse who belittles and discourages them day after day. How awful it must feel to live within a shell than is thinning of self confidence. The shell sometimes breaks leaving a shattered victim who feel worthless about themselves and the world they live in. Victims who are put down all the after day....are not the ones with the problem. The problem lies with the one who says those false and belittling words. The perpretator has the issues not the victim.

To every person who has been trampled with hurtful words, I want to say to you to stand strong always. Go deep within yourself and quiet your mind and find your power within that will brighten everyday no matter what storm clouds are looming overhead. You one can make you feel bad about yourself but you. Words cannot touch those who believe in themselves. Words cannot bruise the hearts of those who believe in themselves and the power within themselves. Words cannot dampen the sprits within those who are truly happy.

To those who walk the roads with their head hanging low, its time to look at yourself in the mirror and say....I'm beautiful......I'm worth all I can give to myself........I belong here and I have a purpose.....I am success.....I am love.......I believe in myself. If one does not believe in themself who is going to do the believing in them? It has to come from the heart of every waking individual to believe from within. When you believe in yourself you can depend on yourself to get any goal accomplished. Stand strong for yourself and prove to yourself that you can complete the task at hand. I love to challenge myself quite frequently as I am a fighter and I like to come out on top especially within myself. I'm not a fist fighter don't get me wrong....I am a fighter against that little ego voice which can yell pretty loud. I don't have time to listen to any negative voice especially one that comes from inside myself let alone any voice that comes from another. Its amazing how our lower self can take over all that we are. The lower self can make us feel so initimated towards many things. So, not only do we have to stand strong against outer forces but we have to stand strong against the inner forces within our own making. In order to align with all the confidence and knowing within, we must not listen to that nagging little big voice that says "we can't do it....we won't succeed" Its high time that we quiet that voice and actually tell that voice..."Be quiet for I can do this.......I can do me" Quiet the voice within that can batter you day after day and stand within the strength of yourself when someone on the outside says something that lowers your self esteem or self confidence. Have empathy for those who say nasty or unkind things for they know not what they do and the road they are walking on is not a good one.

In the past, I used to get angry towards the ones who were walking a bad road or weren't aligned with all that is good and supportive of life. I could see so many negative things within themselves that needed improvement....I'm not perfect by any means and I'm not claiming to know the fix its for people but I do know unbalance and stress when I see it. My way of thinking has changed in how I look at those who are off could say. Sometimes, when others are aligned with negativity, unbalance, stress, ego or a host of other lower attractors I can't help but have empathy for them. I hear what they say but I don't let it enter into my realm for their words get stopped at the doorway to my mind. If people listen to deeply and believe what they are hearing from others, that negative vibration can become imprinted within ones own mind and sometimes people can actually turn into the opinion they hear from others. It happens take a person who is belittled, criticized and downgraded all the time, what you get is a person who cannot function fully for they have sunken into a pit of lowlessness. We must stand strong always within your own power. Don't let hurtful words sour the sweetness of our soul and being for we are all special and remember we are equal.

When you align with all that is good within yourself an amazing feeling will come over you and you can get in touch with it whever you want to and know one can take it away. What we are aligning with within is our higher self, our true nature and it's from this place where magic unfolds itself. Its from this place that is so pure and strong that nothing can penetrate it from the outside or within our egoic self. Find the light within yourself within quiet times. Find the light within yourself in the wee hours of the morning. Find the light in order for it to guide you to your divine purpose for it will light the way. Find the light in order to align with our source of creation. Find the light inside in order to gain strength from it.

The light and power within brings forth a secure knowing a believing in the now and the beyond. This power is stronger than nature within each and everyone of us and it can bring forth the genuis in all of us. I believe that we all have the makings to be a genius you know. When aligned just right the genius within you will show itself through all of your creative talents. Your intuition will guide you to your divine purpose and from this place you will stand strong where no one can really harm you for you are not alone.......ever.

So make an effort to calm your mind, find the peace within, align with all that is good and noble, believe in yourself and the inner light will stand strong to align with you. It's from this place where peace comes forth unto you and when it does the reality you live in will be a beautiful place no matter what exterior circumstances are going on....peace will reign alongside of love. Your life will be enhanced and you will stand strong in the belief that you can accomplish any goal......You can be anything that you want to be........You can run that race.........You will hit that ball with your racket........You will swim that next lap........You will succeed in all endeavors with your heart, mind, body and soul when aligned with the power within. So, stand strong and be one with all of you....the amazing you.....the creative you...the you that you should be. May you all have happy days and may every endeavor and goal be accomplished. I know you can do it!

Tammy Mackey


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