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GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: The Outer View Impacts Our Inner Mind

Updated on April 11, 2012

Outer View Affects Inner Workings Of The Mind

As I sit working in front of the bright windows that face southern exposure on Frenchmans Bay, I am thankful for the view. I look out from these windows many hours of the day and I am in awe at what graces my eyes to behold. Before me is a beautiful bay, Frenchmans Bay in Pickering. Its a good size inlet bay off of Lake Ontario and its home to many forms of wildlife along with 2 marina's and some quaint shops and restaurants. I never realized how a view can impact someones life as this one has mine.

For approximetely four years I have gazed in wonderment at beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds, flowers in all colors of the rainbow along with many shades of green from a variety of plants in my garden. The trees stand so tall in this neighborhood as though they are magestic trophies that stand the test of time never faultering even in massive gusts of wind. They stand strong as we humans should. The geese fly in many numbers overhead and I feel as though I am sitting in a cinesphere movie theatre. Even though I am on the inside I feel as though I'm part of what I see on the outside. The waters and environment in this area are calm, soothing and oh so serene. Sometimes when the sun is shining just right on the bay its as though millions of diamonds are glistening and flickering in dancing sparkles across the water. The wildlife is in an abundance here and I enjoy seeing all their different forms from geese, to ducks, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, mink and sometimes even deer plus a wide variety of different birds.

On my side yard stands 4 bird feeders in order to attract any flying feather friends that are hungry. The 2 male mallards walk across the quiet roadway in order to have a little nibble now and then. My yard is a welcomed haven for all of nature's creations whether plant or animal and the more nature that I view the more serene I become within. As I observe myself becoming more peaceful and happy as each day goes on, I believe that the view I impress upon my mind is relfective of what I see. You see, I believe that if we put ourelves within an environment that exudes peace, calmness, serenity and soothing feelings that we will in turn feel those feelings. Everything about my outer surroundings is calm and I in turn am a calm person. My outer world is serene and I am serene. I connect on a deep level with that which I view.

I beleive that we are more connected to nature than anyone really realizes. If you look at everything that operates within nature all of it works on perfect queue. Just a symphony everything is orchestrated perfectly all the time pretty much. As seson turn from one to the next our outer environment adjust itself accordingly in order to thrive. Everything in nature works perfectly without the hand of man. Frozen trees and plants come to life after a cold harsh winter. Every year they rise and give us their gift of beautiful fragnant blooms and colorful flowers. Do you ever stop and look at flowers or is your day to busy to even notice the beauty of a simple flower? Nature works in mysterious ways and the more I think about it the wonderous it becomes. No animal or bird has to ask human for help in building anything do they? They are independent of anyone or anything except when we donate food or housing to make life a little easier for them. I am proud to help out nature in anyway I can for I am supporting life and that is something I align with fully.

Well back to the topic of view....sorry I can sometimes get led off track as my mind can just through words into my head at record speed. The view that we take in on our daily journeys or the view we have within our home or even outside our windows impresses our mind. We want only good things to impress upon our mind so lets see how to make our views better for all of us. When I used to commute down town on the highway 401, traffic was always bumper to bumper. It never really bothered my as I never saw the jam up I guess. Within the steel encasement I was always in my own world and what a great world is always is when I'm driving. When I look outside I don't look at buildings, cars or any man made structures. I look at nature. I glance at all the trees I see and I watch the birds fly overhead. I gaze at the sun and watch the clouds form odd shapes overhead. Sometimes I drive without the radio as this is a quiet time for my mind and sometimes I drive with my favourite tunes playing and there I am trying to sing like Andrea Bocelli, sounding nothing like him but I'm definetely giving it a whril. So there I am driving, singing and sometimes kinda dancing in my seat. I see no traffic nor do I listen to dreary news reports. I notice no jam on the highway as I was going along merrily at the pace that is directed to me. I am calm, relaxed and enjoying the ride. How can I not be relaxed as I'm sitting in a very comfy seat that is reclines slightly. The ride into work is one of the easiest parts of my day and I enjoy it fully. If you align with all that is negative about the ride into work then expect to feel the negativity that you are aligning with. Flip it all around and notice the difference.

The view within our home can do the same thing to us. If our home exudes stress, disruption, unbalance, sadness or any negative feeling we will feel it within ourelves. So its impotant to have the view within our homes to give off a serene and caming feeling in order for us to feel it within ourselves. One way in order to bring a calmness within your home is to bring nature indoors. This can be done with plants, rocks, flowers or water fountains and of course soothing music like solitudes or something inspriring like Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban. Try not to have to much clutter within the home as sometimes a cluttered office or home with bring forth a cluttered mind. Open the curtains and let the sunshine and light enter. I get so much energy from the suns rays for in the morning I stand right in line with the rays as I belt out a classical song in a language I know not of, but I feel great doing it and thats whats feel great inside. You know.....when you feel great on the inside you tend to look great on the outside. Place things around your home that give a meaning of happiness or things that touch your right in the right place.

On the outside of your home plant a garden, trees or shrubs. Make a peaceful serene place to relax and indulge in a good book. Add a water feature and some privacy screens, a simple chair with umbrella and....voila there you go.....oasis of the mind. A perfect getaway! We all pay for the land that our homes sit on but how many ctually utilize it to the fullest. Make your yard, outdoor deck or porch a perfect place to calm your mind and sooth your soul. What you see is reflective to how you feel. See peace.....feel peace. See serene.....feel serene. See love.......feel love. Its a win win situation. Enjoy creating a peaceful refuge for your mind, body and soul.

Tammy Mackey


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