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GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING - Basic Guidelines on What Foods To Choose

Updated on October 7, 2010

Basic Guidelines To Follow Towards Healthy Eating

 This is the third part of my previous hub Fat vs. Cholesterol vs. Calories in Some Common Foods. In this hub are written some basic guidelines for us to follow to enable us to control our intake of fat, cholesterol, and calories.

FOOD  :  MEAT GROUP  -  2 to 3 servings daily

  • CHOOSE  :  Moderate size portion of chicken, turkey, veal, fish (180 gm/day). Choose lean cuts. Lentils, beans - use as substitutes.
  • GO SLOW  :  Fatty meats, organ meats, egg yolks (more than 3/ week). Commercially processed meat (sausages).

FOOD  :  FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GROUP  -  6 servings daily

  • CHOOSE  :  All of them. Include 1 dark green or deep yellow vegetable for vitamin A and 1 citrus fruit or juice for vitamin C. Steam your vegetables or eat fresh whole vegetables and fruits.
  • GO SLOW  :  Potato chips and deep-fried vegetables. canned fruit and syrup.

FOOD  :  BREAD AND CEREAL GROUP  -  6 to 11 servings daily

  • CHOOSE  :  Whole grain breads. whole grain cereals. Most pasta (spaghetti, macaroni). steamed rice, cooked-dry legumes.
  • GO SLOW  :  Commercially baked goods (high saturated fat content, sugar). Egg-rich breads (donuts, pancakes).

FOOD  :  MILK PRODUCTS  -  2 to 3 cups daily for adults

  • CHOOSE  :  Low fat milk products (skim milk, butter milk, yoghurt, low fat cheeses such as cottage cheese, low fat labneh).
  • GO SLOW  :  Whole milk and its products. Cream and cream products (including butter and cheeses). Evaporated and condensed milk. 

FOOD  :  FATS AND OILS  - Use in moderation.

  • CHOOSE  :  Vegetable oils or diet margarine high in unsaturates (corn oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil). Salad dressings made with vegetable oil.
  • GO SLOW  :  Solid fats and hydrogenated margarines, butter, ghee, other animal fats, coconut and palm oil.

FOOD  :  DESSERTS AND TREATS  - On occasions.

  • CHOOSE  :  Condiments and spices - low in calories, high in taste. Fruit, gelatin, water-ice desserts. Sugar substitute. 
  • GO SLOW  :  Ice cream and other desserts with whole milk. Puddings, pies. fried snacks. commercial sweets.


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