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Ganoderma Lucidum 101

Updated on April 8, 2011

Ganoderma Lucidum - the miraculous medicinal mushroom

Ganoderma is a new miracle food with numerous benefits on the human body. Medicinal mushroom, known in antiquity as a magic mushroom or magic elixir of eternity, treats a variety of diseases and helps to detoxify the body and rejuvenate it.
Ganoderma lucidum is a species of fungus popular in China and Japan. This fungus is available in several colors, but most common is red Ganoderma. In traditional Chinese medicine, Ganoderma is rated as a superior herb. It is also called the "Miraculous King of Herbs ", or "Magic Mushroom". Ganoderma is cultivated mainly in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

In China it is known as Ling zhi, which means "herb of spiritual potency". Chinese emperors called it "the plant of youth", "plant of God " or "elixir of eternity". Ganoderma is ten times stronger than ginseng and contains over 200 active components beneficial to human body.

The Chinese people ate Ganoderma for its medicinal properties that help to improve the body's ability to heal. This fungus has been revered by kings of great Chinese and Japanese dynasties who used it in a tonic tea.

How does Ganoderma Lucidum works?

Ganoderma Lucidum is a medicinal mushroom that contains more than 200 active elements that are beneficial to health. It has a lower water content than other mushrooms. It is rich in polysaccharides, organic germanium, adenosine and triterpenoids. Thus,
Ganoderma strengthens the immune system, balances the carbohydrates in the body and reduces cholesterol. Ganoderma essence treats diseases of skin and helps skin regenerationand rejuvenation. Also, Ganoderma is an important source of antioxidants.

The beneficial effects of Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma consumption, in its various forms, reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat in the body, reduces blood sugar levels and restores pancreatic function, decreases the amount of lipids in blood, is a red blood cell membrane stabilizing, and improves cortex function.

Ganoderma also helps the proper functioning of adrenal glands, increases the body's healing capacity, strengthens the immune system and prevents senility. Ganoderma is also useful for physically well-being of the body.

Patients who took Ganoderma supplements besides their medication felt general health improvements. Magic mushrooms reduces the side effects of antihypertensive medications, prevents degeneration of organs and prevents allergies.

Ganoderma is also a reliable ally in the fight against cancer. Consumption of Ganoderma capsules prevents and treats cancer, stops cancer cells and prevents tissue degeneration. Ganoderma eliminates the pain caused by cancer and increases the cancer treatments efficiency.

How Ganoderma acts on the body

Ganoderma acts in five stages in the human body. It is known as a booster of body functions that help elimination of toxins and maintaining health in good condition. In the first 10 days of consuming Ganoderma it starts regulating body functions.

After the health assessment, Ganoderma will detoxify and purify the body. Because of its ability to eliminate excess of uric acid and lactic acid, cholesterol and fat deposits, Ganoderma helps the body repair processes. Detoxification period lasts about a week, but may be extended even up to 30 weeks.

The third stage is the action of Ganoderma on body control. This is the beginning stage of the healing process. The fourth stage is for physical recovery. The fungus continues to act on problem areas. At this stage, the body is strengthened. Rejuvenation is the last stage of consumption of Ganoderma. Now the body maintains an optimal level of functioning.

Clinical cases treated with Ganoderma

Mrs. NE, was subjected to a surgery for her breast cancer, had severe pain in the pelvis for suspected metastases. After two weeks of basic tea and Ganoderma capsules, pain simply disappeared. For six months while she has consumed these products she felt great.

Mr. B consumed Ganoderma products for liver and pancreatic cancer for seven months. Painful symptoms were improved, and the unpleasant effects of cytostatics decreased considerably.

T.L., a fragile little girl aged six, with health issues, drank Ganoderma hot chocolate a few weeks. Her immunity was improved, no need to call the doctor for frequent colds and fever.

Ganoderma Reishi Gano Therapy

Jasmuheen - Ambassador of Peace in the world - used Gano therapy to purify, strengthen and regenerate the physical system.

Gano Reishi mushroom has been eaten for centuries by Chinese emperors for its healing power, life support and regeneration. Revered by those who grow it, they say that it is the food of immortality, and is known as the King of Herbs.

Gano therapy helps the oxygenation of the physical body and encourages the innate healing ability of the immune system, claims Jasmusheen.

In early 2007 we learned that one of the most beloved creatures on earth, whose books everyone read with such love, has cancer. First I was a little surprised, especially since we knew that she did heal many of us, with love, dedication, her knowledge and her example. It is Jasmuheen, Ambassador of Peace in the world. In one of her books she reveals her feelings honestly since learning that she has cancer, until recovery. Jasmuheen reveals step by step, how Gano therapy helped in the treatment of skin cancer that she had on the upper lip. To cure, Jasmuheen got to use up to 22 capsules per day. The daily use of Ganoderma is called Gano therapy.

So I started researching more and more about Gano therapy, as I read things like "gano therapy was successfully used to treat and eliminate cancer and many other diseases. This therapy can clean, adjust and rebuild the body internally through rehab and also by strengthening the immune system". (Jasmuheen). And the fact that Ganoderma was called "God's herb" fascinated me even more. 

Ganoderma Lucidum is the plant closest to perfection in nature. 


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    • Emily L Snelling profile image

      Emily L Snelling 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe, Nevada USA

      I have been cooking Reishi, along with astragalus and codonopsis, into broths and stews for several years now for general health in the winter. After I had my daughter and basically didn't sleep for over a year, I started taking Reishi at a medicinal dose along with Cordyceps (another medicinal mushroom). I can really feel the difference in my energy level. It gives a feeling of wellbeing. I am very careful to only buy from reputable companies as Reishi has become overly popular (too many people trying to make a buck off a fad).

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Wow, how interesting! I had never even heard of ganoderma lucidum before reading this Hub. Voted up!