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Garage Safety Tips

Updated on July 11, 2010

Your garage can easily become one of the most dangerous places in your home. Where else do you store gasoline and dangerous chemicals, hang bladed tools on the wall, and drive your car into a space barely larger than itself? It’s actually amazing that more accidents don’t happen in garages. Here are a few garage safety tips to make your life safer.

My first garage safety tip is to install stop blocks for your car. These plastic blocks can be purchased at most hardware stores and will help you always properly position your vehicle. They will also stop you from hitting anything of value in your garage. I also recommend either coating your garage floor with non-slip epoxy paint or covering the floor with rubber matting. Both of these options will limit the number of falls in your garage, especially in the winter when your car drags in snow that melts and makes the concrete floor extremely slippery.

The second garage safety tip is to label every chemical in your garage with very obvious labels. Even if the container is clearly marked, add a large label that states both the use and the dangers of the chemical. Using obvious symbols, like flames or the poison cross, can also help inform children about the dangers of each chemical. Also, I recommend buying utility shelving to get your more dangerous chemicals and fuels off of the floor and above children’s reach. By getting your supplies off of the ground, they will last longer because they will no longer be subjected to water and any critters that may venture into your garage.

My third recommendation is to make sure that your garage is well lit. The old one hanging 60Watt bulb in the middle is not enough to illuminate any garage, no matter how small. Without proper lighting, you can put yourself and others in potentially dangerous situations. Make sure that you properly wire up new lights, don’t use the old extension cord wrapped around the nail technique. It’s just not safe in a room where you store fuel and your car.

My final garage safety tip is to secure all of your tools. I installed eye-hooks between my more dangerous tools. I stretch rubber tie-downs between them to make it impossible for the tools to fall and really hard for little people to pull them off of the wall. I also lock up my power tools in an old truck box. It’s water tight and has a decent lock on it. 

With a little forethought, you can make even the most dangerous garage safer. I recommend doing a little product research to learn about the many new and inexpensive safety products that exist for your garage.


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