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Garlic To Lower Cholesterol Level

Updated on January 31, 2008
Garlic or Bawang
Garlic or Bawang


This is widely used by Filipinos to treat High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol Level and no doubt that this herbal works like magic. My father used it all the time whenever his blood pressure rise up and in just a few days of drinking, it amazingly lowers his BP. I think this is the most effective and safe medicine to use for everyone with high blood pressure. I found out also that there are many benefits a garlic can give and I will list it below.

Some benefits of Garlic:

  1. Remedy of Asteriosclerosis.
  2. Prevent certain types of cancer.
  3. increase immune system to fight infection.
  4. Remedy for cough and cold.
  5. Relieves sore throat and tootache.
  6. Aids in treatment of tubercolosis.
  7. Disinfectant of wounds.
  8. Lowers cholesterol level.
  9. Good for the heart.
  10. Lowers blood pressure.

Those are some of the benefits a simple garlic can do for everyone.


  1. For disinfecting wounds, crush and juice and apply to wound.
  2. For sore throat and tootache, peel the skin and chew.

  3. For hypertension/high blood pressure, boil garlic and drink as often till it lowers blood pressure.


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    • Rusticliving profile image

      Elizabeth Rayen 5 years ago from California

      This is a great informative hub. Everyone should know and understand the benefits of garlic. I know that there are some who are afraid to take garlic supplements because of the odor that can come through the skin, but they make odorless supplements as well and they work very well! Great hub! Voted up and shared! Lisa

    • lyrad2008 profile image

      lyrad2008 6 years ago

      I love your article about herbs...great so great

      I have here the best collection of herbal products