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Gastric Bypass Surgery Sticking To The Diet Then Why Surgery

Updated on March 31, 2011

We All Would Love To Go From This


To This


What Most Women Would Give Up For Those Legs Shoot What Most Men Would Give to Have Those Legs (In a manner of speaking)


Wow The Results Are Often Shocking

OK, I know the emails and comments are coming so go ahead and start your engines, but I just don't get it   If pre and post gastric bypass patients can stick to that stringent of a diet (I can't even imagine) then why is there a need for the surgery?  Yes I know that they shrink their stomach to feel full, but seriously I can tell you being overweight is not just abut eating until your full.  Shoot, I eat from boredom, stress, anger, tired, I could go on but you get the idea

My second question is how can that be healthy?  One of my dear friends and her two daughters had the surgery a few months ago and they look fabulous don't get me wrong but when we spent the day together I couldn't believe the restrictions of how they had to eat.  Another one of my concerns was her hair falling out and how can eating just 2-4 ounces without liquids while you eat and even your water is limited be healthy, especially for a teenager?  Because if it is, the fast food market, shoot the whole industry has us all on a psychological plane that needs to stop. If that is the case I've been overeating since I was 6 months old, maybe earlier. See now I have someone else to blame it on (JUST KIDDING:):)

As Reality Sinks In

Yes, like most I would love to have those legs (even with my scars) but am obviously not willing to pay the price to do that yet (Ya always have to have a yet :) Then I was thinking about the surgery shoot now they have it for $2500 down and 200 a month, but when I have my jaw wired shut for awhile (surgery for tumor) maybe that will shrink my stomach and take off the weight.

Sorry back on track. I guess my question is in a nut shell is if before surgery you can stick to shakes for a month (she lost like 35lbs) and post surgery the 2-4 ounces of liquid shakes, then processed food, no water 30 minutes before or after eating (lost 50 lbs), then why is the surgery necessary.

Don't get me wrong she and the girls look phenomenal and right now would do it again in a heartbeat so I guess it works. Maybe I should look into it, I mean if eating more than those small amounts would make me feel sick or have cramps then maybe I would lose a bunch of weight or maybe just the psychological feeling of looking that good quickly would help

As you can tell I really don't like being indecisive about something so HELP PLEASE

OK lets hear it I'm ready (I think)

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