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Gem Stones for Health and Metaphysical uses

Updated on July 14, 2013

Crystals and Gemstones

Throughout history, the human race has been facinated with gemstones. The play of light within the depths can be hypnotising. Gemstones have been used for anything from magical rites to healing the ill.


I must start this with a Disclaimer, lest I be accused of trying to cure anyone or anything by using gemstones. This is simply a general guide to the fun and imaginative uses human kind has come up with for various gemstones.

We will begin with the ways some gemstones can be used by those of a more metaphysical mind, and secondly we'll tackle the healing properties.

Amethyst is a purple quartz. This is a stone whose magical lure is ancient and unending. The Amethyst corresponds to the crown chakra, the chakra of higher spiritual learning. Amethyst can be used to promote peaceful, prophetic dreams if placed under ones pillow. If worn during the day, it enhances psychic ability.

The healing properties of Amethyst are many. It can relieve headaches, aid in banishing insomnia, clearing of lymphatic system and building immunity to illness.

The next gemstone I would like to talk about is, of course, the Diamond. Mostly thought of as a precious and decorative stone, it also has its metaphysical and healing uses. The Diamond also corresponds to the crown chakra and can be used to ensure its wearer luck, protect from negativity and promote spirituality. It was strongly believed by the ancients (which would explain it's value today as a Valentine's Day gift), that the Diamond should be worn to ensure fidelity. It has been used in meditation to bring one to a higher state of consciousness.

The Diamond is for curing indigestion, clearing mental blocks, and relieving nightmares.

The Emerald corresponds to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra and chakra of compassion and love. The Emerald when worn is said to have powers of protection, help in acquiring fortune, and strengthen friendships.

The healing properties of the Emerald include improvement of liver function, easing the pain of childbirth, and slowing blood-loss from wounds.

The final gemstone I would like to bring up is my favorite, the Garnet. Metaphysically, the Garnet corresponds to the base chakra. The base chakra is the first chakra and the grounding and survival chakra. The Garnet is thought to make a shield around the wearer of positive vibrations. The Garnet used to be worn around the neck to scare away demons.

As far as health goes, the Garnet is used even today by healers to cure skin diseases and to regulate blood pressure.

Never Ending

In closing let me just say that with each and every gemstone, whether precious or non-precious, there is thought to be an energy within. That energy can be applied in a myriad of ways and has been so applied by past and current cultures and religions throughout the world.


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    • JPSO138 profile image

      JPSO138 4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

      I heard about stones for healing and surely you have added more to my knowledge. Best to you always and up for this hub.

    • SavannahEve profile image

      SavannahEve 4 years ago from California

      Thank you Purnasrinivas!

    • purnasrinivas profile image

      purnasrinivas 4 years ago from Bangalore

      Nice hub. Even we Indians strongly believe that some gem stones do good to some people.