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Korean Gensing Herbal Remedies

Updated on March 29, 2012
Ginseng Farming
Ginseng Farming | Source

Gensing Roots

Gensing roots
Gensing roots

Ginseng History

Ginseng history goes back 5,000 years. It is referred to as the “King of Herbs”. It is highly regarded in the Far East. The English word ginseng derives from the chinse(renshen) "man root because it has a fork like shape, which seemly look like legs of a man”. The English pronunciations comes from several Asian readings, Southern Cantonese, Southern Min, or Southern Fujian language) pronunciation "jîn-sim". However, over the last decade it has gained popularity in the United States. Ginseng grows throughout China, Korea and Africa. The roots are harvested in the autumn from plants 5-7 years old, and just recently I have sent out to several large companies that harvest ginseng a new approach to collecting the heavy syrupy discharge from the hair like fibers at the bottom or lower part of their root structure so that they don’t have to pulled the roots out at harvest but instead keep collecting this release for another few years, I also provide a designed that allows them to at first grow the plant upside down so to put all its energy and resources into the upper leafy portion of the plant by designing a series of growing boxes that are filled with a special feed soil, that have a netting and screen on both sides and a collecting tray insertion area under each row of boxes, so as the plants starts discharging this extract around their 5th year it can be collect and kept sterile, Now when the Boxes are rotated this netting and the specially designed screening will allow the roots fiber to penetrate as it matures. The Netting also prevents any lose of the special formula which not only assures a healthier plant but also keeps the roots moist, yet not too to the point that it might start to break down or rot its outer skin. This also keep down to a minimum any disturbance of the soil around the plant, that could hinder its growth or effect the overall health of the Ginseng, I also pervaded a natural jungle like watering system, that allows a treated water to trickle down one level at a time so to recapture and retreated the water as it is recycle back again in the next timed watering cycle, and last but not least a Mirror and special lighting system to help keep the plant healthy, but also to help control the speed in which they grow, due to the fact that the further in the boxes are in the less sunlight is available. Well I hope you can see the true valve of this type of farming, 1 acre could become 5 acres and in some parts of the world this could be worth a lot.

There are a few problems in Gensing Farming, After a crop is worked it takes up to 15 years to regrow another on that parsel of land.but at 500 an ounce you can afford to rotate fields

Korean Red Gensing

Modern Science and Ginseng

It has been difficult to find any good labortories that have endorsed ginseng, or have supported any major medicinal benefits of ginseng using scientific, however there are a lot contradictory results from different studies, because there are a lot of varieties and methods of packaging ginseng, that it has become most difficult to lock down any standard testing or procedures for testing its true worth as a Medician or a Recommended Health Product, having said that, there are a lot of companies that promote and harvest Gensing within wide variety of Health areas.

Ginseng is promoted as an adaptogen, which is increases the body's resistance to stress, one which can to a certain extent be supported with reference to its anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties. How ever we should note: In some animal experiments it was determine that this didn’t hold true. But to be honest I’ve never meet any one that works at any institution that does these kinds tests, so if you have any material, or knowledge in this area, feel free to share it.

Now there was a study on a variety of gensing plant at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which seemly indicates it may be a promising dietary supplement" that can increase the quality of our health and longevity of our lives. One might note that a lot of Labortories in the US have for years avoided indorsing any medical findings that came out of mexico Labortories, but this in more resent years this has improved some.

The University of Hong Kong has found that Ginseng has a anti-inflammatory effects. The study found that out of the nine ginsenosides they were able to identified seven of the nine which could selectively inhibit expression of the inflammatory gene CXCL-10

Ginseng has a history going back 5,000 years. It is referred to as the “King of Herbs”. It was the most valued in herbal medicine in the Orient. Ginseng has been highly regarded in the Far East. However, over the last decade it has gained popularity in the West. Ginseng is grown on mountain slope in East Asia (China, Korea). The roots are harvested in the autumn from plants 6-7 years old.

The major active ingredient in ginseng is Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are a class of steroid-like compounds. They are behind the claims of ginseng’s efficacy. Ginseng is highly prized as an adaptogen. Due to its adaptogenic properties ginseng is used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and effects of stress, as well as prevent infections. It can alleviate some major effects of aging, such as degeneration of the blood system and increase mental and physical capacity. It even appears to help people with diabetes as mention earlier. The major benefits I found reported through my investigation and research are as follows:

1. Increases memory: had a large group of users to report that they started dreaming a lot more after 4 to 6 month of taking the pure extract of ginseng with a warm glass of water once or a cool natural juice during each meal, and also noted that they had in improved in the area of forgetfulness  .

2. Helps with radiation damage

3. Acts as an antioxidant (See Capsule 7)

4. Benefits Insomnia & sleep disorder

5. Inhibits blood coagulation

6. Increases overall vitality - This ingredient may also be found in some popularenergy drink: usually the "tea" varieties or functional foods.

7.Improves vision and hearing ( See Capsule 7)

8. Strengthen nervous system: Ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system. It builds mental and physical vitality and resistance to disease by cleaning, strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands that control all basic physiological processes including the metabolism of vitamins and minerals. Soviet researchers report that ginseng normalizes the level of arterial pressure and is effective in the treatment of both hypertension and hypotension."

9. Benefits menopausal stages: In the Past  few years a lot of research with Korean Red Ginseng has raised a few eyebrows to the possibilities that it has shown favorable results in alleviate System of Memopause  and improvement the Cardiopulmonary Function. When given controlled amounts of Red Korean Red Ginsing  over White Ginseng. The Areas that women have reported some relief or improvement once they had taken Precribed dose for 6 to 9 months, these areas were as listed: Lost Memory, Night Sweating and Sleepless Nights. For those that had taken the same precribed Dose for one year or better, reported improvement with Vaginal dryness, changes in urination, hair and skin improvement, improvement in vision and hearing. There seemly was a general consenus that the had fewer Headaces and few periods of moodiness. A few reported a slight improvement in their Hearing.

10. Works as general stimulant Also noted in: (See Ginsengs History)

11. Removes toxins from body (See Capsule 7)

12. Slows degeneration of cells

13. Increases longevity (See Capsule 7 and was covered in Ginseng History )

14. Panax means "all-heal" in Greek, sharing the same origin as panacea and was applied to this genus because Linnaeus was aware of its wide use in Chinese Medician as a muscle relaxant.

Traditional uses:

Both American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) roots are taken orally as adaptogens, aphrodisacs, nourishing stimulants and in the treatment of type II diabetes which is why I became fimular with it, because my grandmother had Diabetes. Later on I found that a lot Men were taking it Sexual Stimulant for Men that had a sexual dysfuntion. The root is most often available in dried form, either whole or sliced. Ginseng leaf, but I highly recommend the Korean Ginseng in nice small Glass type Jars, that kind of look like jars from Egypt, that is sold a lot at your local GNC Health Centers for about $35.00.

This ingredient may also be found in some popular energy drink: usually the "tea" varieties or functional foods.

Ginseng appear to inhibit some characteristics associated with cancer in animal models; nevertheless, this effect is unclear in humans. A randomized, double-blind pilot study noted ginseng appeared to reduce fatigue in cancer patients.

7.Improves vision and hearing

One of the daily Supplements needed along with a good Eye Vitamin Pak like GNC Mega Men 50 plus VitaPak Daily Supplement which as a multivitamin supports Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, Promotes prostate and sexual health helps support memory function, supports eye health, and provides antioxidant protection. This particular Pak is designed for men over 50 and I have been taking it for a while and can personally speak with high regards to the results I have seen on my memory and eyes, especially in the areas of clearing vision, able to see much better in poorly lighted areas, and at night. I actually went back to 125 reading glasses, and I do not use glass any longer with the computer screen. Now I asked the attendant at GMC she said they have one for the Ladies, and something similar for teenagers. Now I take Korean Red Ginseng. With both I have come to hear better and have had hardly any ear infection, especially since Ginseng cleans our body tissues so well. One of the many things are blood does is it cleans all our Arteries, Veins and capillaries and with ginseng this process is increased four to five time. Ginseng is believed to be the direct result of what many called the fountain of youth, because the root grew back then wild along the slops and hills in

Certain terrains, and when the extracts which was discharged into the soil and the rains carried it to the basins, many notice that those that live along these waters lived far longer than those who lived along shoreline and valleys, this another reason if you wish to prevent, or greatly reduce hearing loss you Need consider Ginseng. If you don’t get these proper Nutrients in Your Diet You will continue to notice hearing loss, and do as many others, get a hearing aid, which are a gift from the heavens, but once your use to one your total dependant and they to have to be continually readjusted as your Hearing decline. See Ginseng will unblock and clean out all those years of build up of toxins from your ears and ear canals instantly improving your hearing! No more muffled hearing and what’s nice with method is both ears will get a balanced treatment so that your hearing will stay balanced so you can hear out of both ears equally. There is no safer way to clean your ears unless you go to a good Ear Clinic.


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    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      Ginseng is indeed a great herb. Your hub has reminded me to take a serious look at Ginseng again. Its abilities to slow degeneration of cells and aid in removing toxins are remarkable. I would like to try the red ginseng.

      Thanks for your very informative hub.

    • suny51 profile image


      8 years ago

      You have done real justice with the subject,this is really good one and tells so many new things.Thank you.

    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      So true about ginseng. All the ancients know it and use it. I had the pleasure of living in S. Korea where fresh roots were bottled and sold everywhere. And yes, S. Korea claims to be the only country with the red ginseng. Of course I tried it - and it seemed like a shot of immediate energy.

      All these herbs and roots are so beneficial! And I'm glad to see us unhealthy Americans taking total control of our health and trying alternatives.

      Thanks for all the photos too!

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      this is well written and comprehensive one, thank you, women needs this one specially for those menopausing, and yes it is antioxidanst as well, good, thank you! Maita

    • Amez profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Well I Tried to Enter it in the Contest but I must habve messed up. So I just wanted to let you know I Tried.


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