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Geranium Oil- Aromatherapy

Updated on April 28, 2015

Native to South Africa, Morocco, Madagascar, and Egypt, geraniums have been used throughout history to balance the senses. During the Victorian Era, potted geraniums could be found in parlors, ready to revive the occasional "swoon." Long ago, geraniums were planted to keep those pesky "evil spirits" away, and the ancient Egyptians, they used the plant in their daily routines to promote beautiful skin. Today, you might just find fresh geranium leaves floating in a finger bowl while attending a swanky dinner, but if you are like me and those swanky dinners are illusive...... geranium oil can be enjoyed for its aromatic and medicinal properties each and every day.

Essential Oil

Amazingly, of the almost seven hundred different varieties of geraniums, only ten supply the essential oils we've come to value. Geranium oil is extracted by distillation and is valued for its fresh, citrus like scent, which is accompanied by a hint of roses. This irresistible aroma, credited with energy renewal and the ability calm irritability, has also been used to support the circulatory systems.

Skin Care

Geranium oil's main constituents are linalool (a clear liquid with a light, pleasant scent), geraniol (a clear liquid with a rosy smell) and citronellol. These constituents are said to have anti-viral and cleansing effects when used properly. They are also reputed to be an integral part of any skin care program and are used in many bath and skin care products already on the market. To make your own infusion, purchase a bottle of witch hazel (available at most drug and health stores) and combine one ounce of witch hazel with a mere two drops of geranium oil. This infusion can be used help control acne, eliminate swelling from insect bites, control skin oiliness, or soothe dry skin. Geranium oil in the bath has also been said to provide relief from menstrual symptoms such as pain and cramping.

My favorite bath oil......

Six drops geranium oil, three drops oh jasmine oil, two drops of rosemary oil, and one cup of milk. Mix, pour and enjoy!

Fragrance for the Home

An aromatic diffuser is an excellent way to spread the fragrant, aroma of geraniums throughout your home. Two drops each of geranium and rosemary oils will awaken your senses. Whereas, three drops each of geranium and bergamot oils just might provide you with some much needed optimism. On another note, a homemade diffusion of five drops of geranium oil and three drops of clove oil serves as an excellent insect repellent on a summer's evening.


The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, International Masters Publishers AB.


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