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Gestational Surrogacy Cost and Success Rates

Updated on August 6, 2009

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a rarely performed procedure. In gestational surrogacy the woman who is the recipient of the procedure is providing the eggs, while another woman – the gestational carrier - carries the pregnancy for her. It is different from traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate mother is inseminated with the sperm of the intended father, so the surrogate is in fact genetically related to the child. In gestational surrogacy, the receipient couple are the genetic parents of the child.

Gestational Surrogacy Process

Gestational surrogacy is used when the recipient woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to lack of uterus, or has a medical condition that can be aggravated by the pregnancy.  The following steps are involved in this process:

--Step 1.-- Selection and screening of gestational carrier. This can be done with a help of an agency specializing in finding surrogate carriers.

An appropriate candidate is selected and carefully screened for any medical conditions and diseases. Psychological screening is required for all candidates for surrogate provider to make sure the potential surrogate is psychologically mature and fully understands the ramifications of this procedure.

--Step 2.-- Legal Contracts.Consent forms and legal contracts must be written and signed by all parties. This is a crucial step in all surrogacy procedures. All parties need to agree in writing to the terms of the treatment. All issues, questions need to be clarified prior to the procedure.

--Step 3.-- Ovulation Stimulation and Timing.The patient takes special hormonal drugs to stimulate the development and release of multiple eggs. The surrogate carrier also takes medications to suppress her own menstrual cycle and stimulate the preparation of receptive uterine lining for the embryo to implant.

--Step 4.-- Egg retrieval and fertilization. Eggs are retrieved from the patient’s ovaries and are mixed with her partner’s sperm to fertilize. Once the fertilization occurs and cells start dividing, the embryos are ready for transfer.

--Step 5.-- Embryo transfer. About 3 days later embryos are transferred and placed into the surrogate’s uterus for implantation.

--Step 6.-- Pregnancy and birth. If the pregnancy was achieved, an ultrasound will be performed at approximately 6.5 weeks to check for a heartbeat. Another ultrasound may be performed at 12 weeks to ensure proper growth. After that  the surrogate mother will be under a regular prenatal care. About nine months later, when the surrogate gives birth the child or children are taken home by the genetic parents.

Gestational surrogacy success rates depend largely on the age of the patient. Since egg quality sharply decreases with age, the younger the woman, the higher the chances for successful pregnancy.

Some programs claim live birth rates of 50% or more per transfer (for patients under 37 years old).

Gestational Surrogacy Cost

The price for gestational surrogacy is very high and can range anywhere from $45,000 to $70,000.

Why does it cost so much?

Surrogacy is extremely expensive because the medical technology and legal paperwork involved are extremely complex.

On top of the the medical fees for the IVF procedure, the receipient couple have to pay $6,000 to $9,000 to the agency that finds you a surrogate, $6,000 to $17,000 in lawyers’ fees, and $22,000 to $25,000 to the surrogate carrier. The gestational carrier's medical costs are usually covered by her own health insurance.


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    • profile image

      austynlorraine 4 years ago

      So my best friend is willing to carry for me I am trying to find out how much it would cost just for the medical procedure to get my eggs and of course husband sperm into her.... Also I want twins cost extra? Please someone give me more info id like to get started asap:)

    • profile image

      austynlorraine 4 years ago

      So my best friend is willing to carry for me I am trying to find out how much it would cost just for the medical procedure to get my eggs and of course husband sperm into her.... Also I want twins cost extra? Please someone give me more info id like to get started asap:)

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I have a friend of many years, that has had successful pregnancies. I had to have my uterus removed for issues. My husband and I want a baby, and she said, that she wants to carry the baby for us. We want to use my eggs and his sperm. She doesn't want compensation for doing this. What would the costs be to do the procedure from me and my husband to implanting her with the embryo?

    • Gabby McMahon profile image

      Gabby McMahon 5 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland

      wow, so expensive! it is really for the rich and famous

    • profile image

      annastaysha 6 years ago

      need to know if my sister will carry a child for me and huband using his sperm my egg and we turst eachother to the fullest no need for lawyer what is are cost then we live in wa area

    • profile image

      desperateforanswers 6 years ago

      i am curious that if my significat other and i want to have a child, my brother will donate the sperm and she donate the egg.. what is the paperwork and fees and processes needed to make this procedure happen. because just like Need to Know. i don't need an agency, a surrogate, or a sperm donor... which means i do not require those fees. any luck?

    • profile image

      Need to Know 7 years ago

      So I have a more complicated situation...I would technically be the gestational surrogate because we're not using my eggs but I'm not giving up the baby. My girlfriend and I want a child together but we want to use her egg and my uterus, we have a friend that is willing to donate the sperm. So with that said we wouldn't need to pay out all of the regular fees (i.e. cost of the surrogate, monthly allowance, maternity clothes, lawyers fees, etc.) so do you have an estimated costs of what it would be just for the medical process in this situation?

    • profile image

      Ellie 7 years ago

      Hya i am a recently single woman and have always wanted a child but couldn't fall pregnant after 3 years of trying, for a baby with my ex and eventually falling pregnant i unfortunately had a miscarrage. It was horrible. My dearest friend has offered to carry a child for me using my eggs. Would we be able to go through gestational surrogacy using my eggs ecen if i don't have a partner and if i only have a history of one misscarrage?

    • profile image

      jay 7 years ago

      @ Alma : I represent Pulse Women's Hospital, and we do surrogacy from quite a long time.

      Your answer depends on the country you belong to. If you fall in to India or US, which are surrogacy friendly country, you can get good amount in return. In US generally a carrier gets 20 to 25 k in return. But you need to fulfill the requirement to be surrogate mother. You can easily be surrogate mother by contacting surrogacy agency. We have network of doctors, agency and lawyers across US that provides surrogacy service.

      If you fall in to other country then US, you need to check the local laws of surrogacy.

      You may write me more for further information, my e mail address is

    • profile image

      court 7 years ago

      it is suggested that you still have legal documents drawn up because there are a lot of things that may happen to the parents. also just to make sure everything is agreed upon this cause less problems in this complicated situation. both the intended parents and surrogate need lawyers and separate lawyers

    • profile image

      bjay 7 years ago

      was wondering if somebody in my family is willing to be the gestational surrogate mother how much will that have to cost and would i have to get a lawyer?

    • profile image

      alma 8 years ago

      was wondering if somebody in my family is willing to be the gestational surrogate mother how much will that have to cost and would i have to get a lawyer?


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