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Get Big Arms Fast With A Full Body Workout Mass Building Routine

Updated on June 30, 2013

Get Big Arms

Trying to get big arms can be a struggle if you're a hard gainer - which is pretty much most of us. The temptation is to work your arms a lot, since this seems like the logical solution, but you'd be better off doing full body workouts and having maybe one day a week when you concentrate on arm development.

The big mistake I made when I began working out and was trying to build up my skinny noodle arms was this: I only did biceps workouts. The biceps are only a third of the muscle mass of your upper arm. Even if you've got big biceps - that's still not a lot.

Secret solution one: If you want to get big arms, work your triceps. They form two thirds of the muscle mass in your upper arms. Do triceps exercises.

Bench Press

Doing bench press? Use a spotter.
Doing bench press? Use a spotter. | Source

Do Big, Compound Movements For Mass Gain

My second big mistake was that I did mostly curls and other isolation exercises, when what you really want for mass gains is a full body workout, with whole body exercises - big compound movements which involve all the major muscle groups.

The squat, for example, uses the whole body. Your legs, butt and quads may be the focus of the exercise, but every part of your body is called into play to stabilize the weight and lift it up and down. You can't neglect the whole body just to work on one part of it and expect to make big gains.

Remember - every exercise that requires a pulling motion from your arms works the biceps. And every exercise that requires you to push works the triceps. If you're doing basic compound movements, you're already working your arms as much as they need to be worked.

Secret solution two: If you want to get big arms, remember that mass gains come through compound movements and proper diet and rest.

Two Exercise Moves For Big Triceps

Want to get big arms? Do the bench press.

Load a barbell with weight you can handle but which provides a challenge over six reps. The last rep should be tough. Try 80% of your single lift maximum, and adjust if necessary. If you're using a barbell and bench rather than a Smith machine, use a spotter.

Lift the weight and lower it to your chest. Drive it up, but don't lock out your elbows. Make sure the movement is clean and controlled, and don't arch your back. If you have to wrestle with the weight on the first rep, it's too heavy. This is not about proving what a beast you are, it's about building muscle. Take off some weight and start again.

Aim for six reps, with the last one making you work hard. Do three sets of six and rest between sets.

After the last bench press set, go straight to an overhead pulley machine. Stick a pin in the weight stack - and choose less weight than you think you can manage. Attach a rope handle to the cable, and, facing away from the pulley, grasp it over your head. Step out, lean forward, and straighten your arms to raise the stack. Let it back down, then straighten your arms again. Go for ten reps. The first one will feel ridiculously easy. The last one won't.

This will work your triceps something fierce, particularly if you go straight to it from the bench press.

Secret solution three: You want to get big arms? Do this twice a week for a month.

Biceps Workouts - Weight Training Exercises For Big Arms

How To Get Big Forearms

Lastly, what about the rest of your arms - the bit between elbows and wrists? We've taken care of your whole upper arms, and there's another hub here that goes into detail about building a pair of shoulders to match. Be a shame if your spindly little T.Rex forearms let the side down.

Have no fear. You need only two things: a chin up bar, and a set of really heavy dumbbells.

You use the chin up bar to do... chin ups. That simple. I find they really work the forearms, especially with the overhand, pronated grip. Can't do chin ups? Work up to them with the lat machine, using the 80% of maximum lift times three sets of six reps routine.

Use the heavy dumbbells to provide resistance when you're taking a short walk across the gym floor. This exercise is called the farmer's walk, and it works your whole body. Take two equal weights, as heavy as you can lift, and grip them tightly at arm's length. Then slowly and steadily walk across the gym floor with them. Simple as that. Put them down at the far end, turn, pick them up again and walk back. A whole body exercise that also works your forearms hard.

How to perform the Farmer's Walk

Work Hard - Rest Easy

Remember to eat well, eat more often, and get all the quality sleep you need. Exercise is only part of the story - you build muscle when you're resting.

Secret solution four: Joint pain and fatigue are Nature's way of telling you to ease up. Working through pain and bodily stress won't help you build muscle - it'll do the opposite. Want to get big arms? Make sure you get enough rest.

The Simple to Apply Muscle Secrets for Big Arms!


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