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Migraine Relief Solutions Now!

Updated on March 29, 2012

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Calm is Everywhere Around Us.
Calm is Everywhere Around Us.

Can You Find Relief From Migraines?

Migraines impact approximately 30 million people in the U.S per year. Migraines break out as a vicious and excruciating attack where there is severe pain and is often disabling. A perplexing fact with regard to those suffering with migraines is the headache associated with migraines is often misdiagnosed as a sinus or stress headache where ineffective treatment is applied.

Typical warning symptoms of a migraine prior to migraine manifestation: Flashes of light, tingly sensation in arms or legs, or seeing blind spots. Sensitivity to light or sound often precedes a migraine. Suffers of migraines typically experience episodes ranging from 4 - 72hours and can occur monthly or as little as a few times per year. Although suffers of migraine experience uniquely different migraine scenarios including frequency, duration and pain intensity, they do agree on the following sign & symptom commonalities. Pain becomes worse with physical activity, bright lights or loud sounds. Symptom migraine onset includes drowsiness, depression, and irritability, also feelings of energy or extreme thirst. There also can be a craving for sweets.

There is no cure for migraine headaches, but with preventative management and proper treatment of the symptoms effective pain management is possible.


1. Seek your physician's recommendation to assist in pain management of migraine headaches.

2. Pain Relieving Medications – 1) NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory). 2) Fever and inflammation reduction drug - Triptans (migraine and cluster headaches). 3) Anti-nausea medication.

3. Alternative Treatments - Biofeedback (relaxation to control tension); Massage (release tension through muscle relaxation); Acupuncture (Neutralize pain with needles by rerouting nerve pain away from brain). Vitamins, herbs and minerals (May prevent or reduce migraines.


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