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Causes and Treatment for Warts

Updated on August 19, 2013

Causes of Warts

Knicks and cuts on the hands and cuticles are openings in the body that are perfect for viruses to enter the body. These are the same types of viruses that can cause unsightly warts on hands and fingers. Frequent shaving can cause an increased incidence of warts on the legs due to knicks and cuts. Children and infants are more prone to warts due to their immature immune systems.

The most common types of warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) these include: Common warts, flat warts, plantar warts, and genital warts. Warts are contagious so they can be spread by direct contact, linen, or clothing touched or worn by the affected person has worn. Wet or damp bathing towels are also sources that can spread the HPV virus.

Transmission & Treatment

Warts can be spread from one part of the body to another. Touching or picking a wart, then touching other body areas without washing the hands, is one way to spread the HPV virus. sahving over warts can also cause them to spread on more areas of the legs.

Regular hand washing can help reduce or eliminate the incidence of warts. Prevention of warts is the key and a few simple everyday things can help reduce the incidence of warts. Some of these things include: don't bite fingernails, never go barefoot in public restrooms wear flip flops or shoes, and keep skin well hydrated.

Most warts will disappear without any treatment, but medical intervention can lessen the severity of symptoms. Physicians agree that most cases of warts can be effectively treated with over-the-counter products that you can purchase yourself.

Home Treatment Kits

Salicylic acid is the most commonly used agent in home treatment kits. If you use wart medications as directed, you should be able to get rid of warts without a doctor's help.

If home treatment is not successful, consult a physician or dermatologist. Two common choices that doctors use for treatment of warts is Liquid nitrogen or by laser removal are two methods for getting rid of warts when all other OTC and home treatment has been unsuccessful.. Warts can be surgically removed when all else has failed.

Wart Removal


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    • profile image

      sarah dawkins 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the information. My daughter has had 2 warts on her kneed for the last 5 years. We tried the home treatments, Doctor's treatments and are now waiting to see a plastic surgeon as they just won't go.

      I wanted her to try tea tree oil for 3 months, twice daily, but she won't do it. I have heard that would get rid of them. I prefer a natural method, rather than medical intervention. They are ugly and she wants rid of them.


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