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Get Up and Do It!

Updated on October 5, 2009

I know I'm in here!

In Better days
In Better days

Immersed in the body that I have grown, I see the remnant of who I used to be and I wonder if I am still there, and if I am can I find myself again? I am twice the person I am supposed to be. Hormone levels that have dropped, medications that cause weight gain, and Inactivity that has made it so hard to be active, are the culprits that have caused this loss of myself.

I could loose this weight if I could motivate myself to get out and walk at least once a day, but with the pressure that puts on my joints I find it so much easier to just sit and watch TV or work on the computer. Just a few miles a day to start would be great, but how do I make myself get up and go when my get up and go is gone!!!!

I hear me standing amid these mounds of flesh screaming I’m in here let me out!!!!! I have done it before and I will do it again. With the help of God and my walking shoes I will find myself again. I just have to get up and do it. It isn’t going to be easy; my knees are screaming at the thought, but not nearly as loud as I am. I’m going to listen to me and get up and walk.


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