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Get Your Pre-Baby Belly Back

Updated on February 17, 2011

Belly After Baby

Belly After Belly
Belly After Belly | Source

Get Your Pre-Baby Belly Back

There is a simple, old-fasioned abdominal technique that has been around a long time to help pull your tummy back into its pre-baby shape. Most exercises focus on flattening the tummy, and diets focus on losing weight. The problem is that the muscles that are most affected by pregnancy are those that wrap about the mid-section, not just those that lay over the stomach area. You can tighten the front of your stomach and still find that your lean stomach stick out.

So what is this technique? It's called the tummy pulse, and it works by helping to pull the stomach and waist inward by a muscle that goes around your midsection, tightening it like a corset.

Step 1. Stand erect and with your shoulders back.

Step 2. Pull your tummy inward in short, fast pulses repeatedly. Keep count. Right after you have your baby it will be tough to do many (and if you had a c-section you should wait about 6-8 weeks before starting this). Aim to start with about 10-15 repetitions, one or two sets a day.

Step 3. Keep your pulses quick and tight- don't slack off as your numbers get higher. Imagine that you are trying to get the front of your belly to touch the back with each pulse.

Your goal is to do about 100 of these, three times a day. If you do this continually, you will find that your stomach starts to pull inward again all around. If you had a flat stomach before your baby, your goal is to have the same flat, toned stomach. If your stomach was concave, this exercise may be the only one that will focus on drawing your stomach inward for that concave shape again.

It's a great idea to do this whenever you find yourself standing in line, waiting, etc. It can be done anywhere, and doesn't require a fee or equipment, and the more you do it the more effective it will be. The above photo shows my post-baby belly, after eating a healthy diet and using the tummy pulse as my only form of ab exercise.

If you enjoyed this, you can visit my site for other new mom beauty, health and fitness ideas at Penelope's Oasis. Thanks so much!


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    • profile image

      kerri 4 years ago

      That is a great tip!! My son had his first bday and I still have a thick stomach so I am doing this ASAP :D Thanx for sharing your sucess