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Updated on January 1, 2016

What's out there

Whey Protein - a mixture of globular proteins that are isolated from whey, the liquid material is a by-product of cheese production.

  • dietary supplement
  • may be healthier form of protein

Creatine - a nitrogenous organic acid occurring naturally in vertebrates helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle.

  • enhances athletic performance
  • also found in meat and fish

Omega - are polyunsaturated fatty acids with a double bond at the third carbon atom from the end of the carbon chain.

  • aka Omega 3 fatty acids
  • animal and plant sourced

BCAA - proteinogenic amino acids.

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • valine

Krill Oil - extracted from Antarctic Krill.

  • most important components Omega 3 fatty acids and phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFA)

Fish Oil - derived from tissues of oily fish.


How to us Whey Protein

Whey protein is mostly sold in powder form and in a variety of flavors, allowing it to be added to all sorts of things.

Smoothies and shakes


Make your own protein bars

French Toast



All of these are everyday items that with a scoop or two of whey protein will keep you fuller longer, your metabolism boosted, and provide you easily with upwards of 40+ grams of protein in your diet.

The BCAA's Specifics

Leucine - an É‘-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. Also known as the main amino acid due to its benefit muscle building.

Isoleucine - provides diverse physiological functions, like assisting in wound healing, detoxification of nitrogenous wastes, stimulating immune function, and the promotion of secretion of several hormones.

Valine - related to leucine and is found in many proteins, most commonly the interior of globular proteins helping to determine three-dimensional structure.

Creatine's Benefits

One of the many great things about creatine is that it contains no calories, however if you are not using it for the purpose of working out you will gain weight, water weight, that is. Creatine aids those most effectively in high-intensity training and explosive activities, but not so much in aerobic-type exercises.

Many professionals will suggest you weight the benefits with the down-sides and determine for yourself if creatine will ultimately benefit you in your training.


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