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Get a white smile at home with award-winning Supersmile

Updated on May 14, 2016

The array of teeth whitening choices on the market is overwhelming. At major chain drugstores, you'll find several brands that have a half dozen types of whitening toothpaste each. Though some may indicate percentages or days of color change, all the consumer has to go by is the price. Then, there are unknown brands one sees advertised in the back of magazines, along with other products of mysterious provenance and dubious efficacy.

Before you even think of asking yourself, "Do I dare?" just stop! You only have one set of teeth! Even if you've had caps, veneers or crowns put on them, you need to remember the investment you've made. Replacing the dental work for a single tooth is much more complicated than one can even imagine. If it's been a few years since you had your dental work, materials and colors are likely to have changed since then. You're likely never to have a perfect match again. Learn the lesson, now: you need to use the best quality products on your teeth!

Fortunately, you can have complete confidence in Supersmile. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!t

Supersmile was created by Lucia Smigel, wife of Dr. Irwin Smigel -- considered to be the "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry". Dr. Smigel created a whitening toothpaste in the 1980's, given to his Madison Avenue patients as a gift between appointments. The line's products incorporate Calprox®: their proprietary form of Calcium Peroxide. It's considered far safer to use on natural teeth and dental work than the commonly used silica.

Their Professional Whitening System comes in two different sizes and also, in its individual parts. It consists of a toothpaste and whitening accelerator. Now, here's an important point of difference and something that may take you a while to get in the habit of doing: you have to apply two drops of each product on a dry toothbrush! Then, you work the paste and gel into each tooth, for a total of two minutes. It's not sudsy and foamy like traditional products, but it gets the job done beautifully. You use the system twice a day, every day,

The Ultimate Whitening System includes the above products as well as 8 Professional Activating Rods. These, used twice a week, help prepare the teeth for deeper whitening. They are slender glass tubes -- with a safe break point -- that fill a cotton swab with fluid. Then, you paint your teeth with the clear fluid. This is infinitely improved above whitening strips, which only cover the front surface of teeth: a dead giveaway. With the rods, you can whiten the top surface of molars, deep in-between teeth and other spots.

When you're on the road, eating staining foods like blueberry pie, coffee and red wine, their Quikee product comes in quite handy! It's a small, discreet tube that you just squeeze onto teeth, with no need to brush or rinse. This product has won many awards by the editors of several beauty magazines.

I find Supersmile to be an effective, trustworthy method of keeping teeth white.

5 stars for Supersmile


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