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Create Great Abs at Home

Updated on January 14, 2018


Anyone would enjoy never having to work out and get better abs. Not having to visit the gym two or three times a week or pound the pavement on those cold, dark or rainy days sounds too good to be true. Even pounding the roads on hot sunny days can be just as tedious and at times even torturous. As always, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is and especially when it relates fitness. Key Note! Not doing anything to improve your body is not an option. Stuff has to be done in order for stuff to happen.

Probably the hardest and most popular area of the body people crave to develop is the stomach but more specifically the abs which are extremely attractive to both men and women whether its to want them or touch them. However, for the majority of people, developing great abs seems such a lofty ambition that they either don't start an abs creation plan or if they do they quit after not seeing instant gratification. But the real issues as to why people do not see results, is because of these three core reasons;

Reasons people don't see results.

  1. People don't "make" the time to create great abs. You notice how I said "make" and didn't say "have" time to create great abs. This is because we all have time to spare but it depends on what you do with the time you have spare. The biggest spare time you have is watching TV. This is the time we are going to focus on within this article to create great abs at home.
  2. People don't have the effort. Effort is necessary for creating great abs but effort is easily lost when the thought of having to get up and go to a location only to expend more effort. In this case meaning the gym.
  3. People eat the wrong food. This is a huge and important topic and beyond the scope of this article to get in to detail about. The basics of healthy eating are discussed everywhere but generally consist of the following. Eat low calorie food, don't eat processed food as they are high in calories (most packaged food is processed), eat a balanced diet, eat less sugar and eat less salt, eat more fruits and more vegetables, drink more water, don't eat late at night, eat smaller portions, don't bloat yourself as you will want to shrink your stomach over time.

Believe it or not, you already have great abs but its the FAT around your stomach that's covering them. Reduce the fat around your stomach and your abs will start to pop. Develop your abs through exercise and your abs will pop even more.

For this article we will be looking at a simple strategy which covers an easy way to make time for yourself in your goal to create great abs. But you MUST remember that the work you put in to creating abs will come to nothing if you do not make the time, put in the effort and eat correctly.

Below we have put together a simple and convenient abs workout idea and routine which is a great starting place for someone who just wants to make a start. That said, this system is also good for busy people who want to continue to maintain a good level of abs fitness. This workout routine is called Lazy Abs (tongue in cheek) because you can create great abs at home even when watching the TV.

The Lazy Abs Workout Routine

The lazy workout routine is not so much lazy in nature but lazy by situation since you are working out in front of the TV. In front of the TV is as good a place as any to work out. In fact working out in front of the TV has lots of benefits compared to other locations. Firstly, it is free! Its also convenient and comfortable. You can do it alone or with a partner and most of all you don't have to miss you favorite TV programs or movies.

A lot depends on your life style and when you find yourself in a position to watch TV.

Example: Parents who go to work all day. Come home, play, feed and bath the kids. Kids in bed by 8pm. This would be a typical time to sit down and relax. However, I like to hit it while the tempo is up. Do this work out strategy for up to 1 hour whilst watching the TV until 9pm. After 9pm you are free to do what you want....maybe watch more TV.

Its great because you can lie in your favorite position and work out while watching TV. You can go at your own pace. You can take breaks when you want. You can use the commercial breaks to push hardest or to rest and get water etc....the choice is yours.

Leg raise
Leg raise
Leg thrust
Leg thrust
Half sit up
Half sit up
Legs up and touch toes
Legs up and touch toes
Open leg, twist sit up
Open leg, twist sit up
Reverse crunch
Reverse crunch
Side crunch
Side crunch
Regular sit up (Crunch)
Regular sit up (Crunch)
Jack knife
Jack knife
Relax and watch TV.
Relax and watch TV.

10 effective ab exercises to do while watching TV.

The below exercises are focusing on the abs since the abs is the one common area of the body that most people want to improve. Furthermore, the abs exercises allow you to keep your eyes on the TV for longer.

First get comfortable and lie on the floor. Place your hands by your side. The more advanced can put their hands behind their head to gain more isolation to the worked areas thus more strength.

1. Bicycles - Sit up with legs pulled in and hands on the floor. Lift your legs and start pedaling as if you are riding a bicycle. Repeat 10 times then do 10 times in reverse. (Great for warm up).

2. Leg raise - Legs together and raise both legs up about 16 inches and down. Repeat 10 times. (More advanced can hold them up for 5 seconds before lowering).

3. Leg thrust - Sit up, knees pulled in and hands palm down by your side. Push both legs out together and back in. Repeat 10 times but do not touch the floor during the exercise.

4. Half sit up - Lie flat on your back with legs together and knees pulled in. Palms of your hands on your thighs. Now, raise up your back and your palms will slide towards your knees. Repeat 10 times.

5. Legs up and touch toes - Lie flat with both legs straight up in the air. Now try and touch you toes or shins or ankles depending on your ability. Repeat 10 times without putting legs down.

6. Open leg, twist sit up - Lie flat on your back with your legs open wide. Now sit up and touch you left knee, shin, ankle or toes with your right hand and then lie down again. Sit up again and touch you right knee, shin, ankle or toe with your left hand. Notice the gorgeous twist in this action.

7. Reverse crunch - Lie on the floor with hands on the floor or behind the head and lift your legs up to 90 degrees. Now push you legs and butt upward. Repeat 10 times.

8. Side crunches - Lie on your back with hands behind your head and knees bent in with heels to your butt. Place your left foot on the right knee. Now lift your back and try and touch your left knee with your right elbow. Repeat 10 times then change sides.

9. Regular sit ups (crunches) - Lie flat on your back and knees bent with heels to your butt. Lift your back up to your knees and down a gain. Repeat 10 times

10. !!Jack knives!!! This exercise is a good test of balance, core strength and stamina - Lie flat on you back, legs together and hands straight above your head. The aim is to lift your back and head at the same time so that you touch your touch at high mid point just like a pocket knife when you flip it closed.

11. Ok your done. Relax and watch TV. Did you miss any TV?

Moving on

The above set of moves are a great taster and introduction to effective ways to keep fit. Watch out for further pages on other fitness moves and techniques which I do while watching TV such as arms, legs, chest, and back. There are also many stretching exercises and martial art moves such as basic kicks, blocks, and punches to be learnt.


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