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Getting Healthy, Naturally: A Mind & Body Cleanse

Updated on May 21, 2012

Anyone can do a mind and body cleanse. A cleanse can be as elaborate or simple as you desire. Some people have a lot of time to devote to a cleanse, while others do not; cleanses can be hard because you have to devote your time and energy to do the things that I have listed below.

Keep in mind that this is not a "diet/lose weight" cleanse. This cleanse is one that I (usually) follow myself, and it aims to make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I follow these guidelines, I have more energy and are less irritable.

You can pick and choose below what works best for you; you don't need to do all of them. I would also like to point out that sometimes it's good to do all of these "hard-core" for about a week or two and then do what you can after that. It should be your goal to follow as much of these as you can, for as long as possible, to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life!


You should try to eat as many unprocessed foods as possible, and keep the processed foods to a minimum. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Eat grains, dairy, and limited protein. Avoid chips, cookies, ice cream, frozen entrees (they're salt-infested), etc.......pretty much most of what's in all the middle aisles at a grocery store. The healthiest food is all around the edges of a food store.

In regards to liquids, limit your alcohol and caffeine intake (coffee and soda). Also try to avoid fruit juices as much as possible since they are loaded with sugars. Drink plenty of water, and try to have a cup or two of green or black tea each day (with no sugar). Tea has antioxidants and is very good for you.

As I stated above, try to commit 100% to these limitations for about a week or two. After that time, you can incorporate some snacks, soda, etc. (to a minimum of course) into your diet. For example, for a week or two, try your hardest to not have a single alcoholic or caffeinated beverage. Also try to see if you can go that entire time without any processed foods whatsoever. I know it will probably be extremely difficult, but, trust me, you will feel a difference in your body.

fruits & veggies. Yum!
fruits & veggies. Yum!


The amount of exercise that's do-able is different for each person. Some people already get a lot of exercise. If you're one of those people, try adding in new stuff......get creative. If you're new to exercising, take it slow. Don't over-do it. Exercise is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a hassle. Bottom line is, everyone should aim for 30 minutes of walking each day. Some people get that just by walking around their office, or to and from their car. That's fine. But sometimes it's the walking outside for an extended period of time, with no interruptions, that makes it enjoyable. So, if you can, carve out time specifically for this.

Other things you can do to stay active: aerobics, weights, jogging/running, swimming, etc. There's lots of things you can do in the comfort of your own home. There are loads of great (FREE) videos on youtube and hulu. Netflix has great videos too, if you're a member.

Please consult with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

walking is great for both body & mind.
walking is great for both body & mind. | Source


Meditation involves completely clearing your brain of clutter, for a designated amount of time. For the purposes of this cleanse, you should aim for 10 minutes each day. Meditating is extremely easy and is known to relieve stress and calm you down.

Meditation is something that everyone should do. If you don't know how to do it, you should learn. Please read my hub on meditation to learn everything you need to know about this wonderful and easy stress-reliever.......

aahh....relaxing! | Source

Spirituality or Religion

This part of the cleanse helps satisfy the emotional and mental aspect. When you are part of a spiritual community (on a consistent basis), you feel more energized and less depressed. You feel as if you have a higher purpose on this planet. You feel connected to others. I believe in bits and pieces of every religion, so I attend a Unitarian Universalist church. I try to attend service every Sunday, and I plan on joining the adult chorus there (as well as any other groups I think I might be interested in). When I leave service, I walk with a bounce in my step. It's hard to explain, but believing in a higher power and being involved in the religious community is sort of like therapy.

It's important to note that you don't have to attend service or mass to be religious or spiritual. But the main thing that you benefit from if you do attend service or mass is the feeling of community and connectedness.

Let me know!

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