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Getting In Sync With The Universe

Updated on April 18, 2013

"Ways to feed your Mind, Body and Spirit"

Normally we relate wellness to physical aspects like exercising and getting our body moving along with what we eat and consuming healthy foods. We’re going beyond that today!

Discussing some of the ways to create wellness and being in sync with your Mind, Body and Spirit can be simple!

Exercising you mind and body combined with whole and clean healthy eating will help you achieve optimal wellness and live a happier, vibrant, healthy life.

Here are some short, sweet, simple steps to follow:

For your MIND:
* Go back to school (never too old, never too late).
* Take a class; learn something new (art crafts, photography, a new language, learn computer skills, etc.).
* Read a new book.
* Have a stimulating and creative conversation with someone.
* Do word, Sudoku or number puzzles.
* Go for a leisure nature walk.
* Visit a museum, enjoy the visuals of art.
* Neurons need good fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, micronutrients - vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients - and water. These nutrients are used to drive the learning functions of neurons.

For your BODY:
* Eat whole, clean and healthy.
* Exercise more, keep on moving.
* Try weight or resistance training (and that does not mean that you’ll get bulky or huge–unless you train to accomplish that).
* Try Plyometrics, power exercises.
* Change up your workout routine.
* Do exercises to strengthen your core.
* Go for a bike ride, if you don't know how to ride a bicycle "is time to learn."
* Go for a swim.
* Stretch.
* Get a therapeutic whole body massage.
* Do YOGA.

For your SPIRIT:
* Relax.
* Practice breathing exercises.
* Pray.
* Meditate.
* Shift your spiritual vibrations with essential oils.
* Donate your time to a cause, do volunteer work, help your community.
* Plant a tree.
* Spend some time doing something you really enjoy with a family member or a friend.
* Play with your pet (if you don’t have one, consider adopting or rescuing one).
* Stay positive and away from negativity! :)


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