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Getting Rid of the ‘Chore’ of Exercise: Ozzie Jacobs Dishes

Updated on November 18, 2013

You are exhausted from running around all day, working or just plain trying to live life. You know you should exercise, but instead you settle into that favorite spot on the couch and decide to spend a little time on Facebook (or Hubpages!). You just plain want a break from things that seem like a lot of work.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore though. According to fitness expert and personal trainer Ozzie Jacobs exercise can be a movement that is fun and has multiple benefits.

“Make it a fun experience and not a obligation,” says Jacobs. “There are so many different styles of exercise, like yoga, dance, rollerblade and playing volleyball. Exercise is movement, that is all it needs to be.”

Sometimes even a little bit of movement can sound like torture. However, working out not only has benefits of being physically fit it helps reduce the stress that comes from having a job and dealing with different pressures.

“It gets our bodies moving,” says Jacobs about exercise. “It gives us the power to let go of all those things on our mind that build worry. It is kind of like you have a clean slate and you are ready to take the world on another day because you gave yourself that opportunity, that hour, to take care of yourself.”

Taking time for yourself, even if you workout during that time, is important and can help get rid of those frustrations of the day.

“[Stress] manifests in our body in the form of resistance and pain,” says Jacobs. “When we exercise, we start off with breathing then we move into rhythmic motion. All these things help release tension, physical and mental stress.”

Besides as a stress relief technique, exercise can also be used to be successful in life. It teaches two important things, goal setting and confidence.

“It takes self-esteem and belief in oneself; belief that you can do something challenging,” says Jacobs. “When you are able to achieve these goals in the context of exercise then you teach yourself that you have the ability to overcome challenges.”

Overcoming simple exercise challenges can lead to overcoming challenges in life, whether it is getting a promotion at your job or accomplishing other things, exercise can be the mold that leads to goal achievement.

Even knowing all these great benefits it is sometimes really hard to start the initial moves to workout. That is why it should be something fun and something you look forward to.

“In the beginning it is a change of habit,” says Jacobs. “You have to make exercise a priority. Some of the things I tell my clients is schedule exercise like you schedule an appointment.”

Making it a part of your day and incorporating fun into it can lead to a healthy lifestyle you deserve. You can even make it a social thing.

“Exercise can be a way to squeeze in time to be social,” says Jacobs. “With jobs and all other obligations sometimes we lose sight of the importance of being around people and taking time for ourselves.”

Exercise can be a tool for you to be happier because ultimately less stress mixed with endorphins released from physical exertion leads to a happier you.

“The main thing is when it comes to exercise is to find something you can enjoy,” says Jacobs. “Make it an experience that you take pleasure in and that is when it becomes a part of your life.”

Check out Ozzie Jacobs website for more motivation techniques!


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    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      You ve detailed all the facts one needs. I ve benefitted immensely. Thanks

    • Kimberly Turner profile image

      Kimberly Quevedo 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks! Ozzie Jacobs was awesome to talk to and when I got off the phone with I was so pumped so I wanted to share that motivation with everyone else!

    • slmorgan profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I really like the idea of looking at your weight loss progress from different angles. It sounds like a more healthy way to approach the issue. I also like how you incorporated the useful videos into your text. Interesting / Useful.