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Getting What You Want Requires Collaboration

Updated on January 21, 2017
You've got the tools.
You've got the tools.

Desire As The Golden Key

Getting what you want starts with desire. To know what you desire, notice the signals and sensations in your body and follow them with your attention, your awareness, by simply noticing the sensations you are aware of in your body. Whatever you notice, acknowledge it, perhaps with a subtle nod of your head like two cowboys passing on the prairie.

And now notice how your body sensations respond to your acknowledgment, whether they change in any way, get more intense, less intense, or stay the same. Whatever you notice about how your body responds to your attention, acknowledge it and let it be what it is. Nothing to suppress, release, let go, or act upon, just noticing, acknowledging and letting be.

Invite your body to reveal its desire. Notice where in your body you notice your desire most strongly. Tip your hat to whatever you notice, and let it be.

And now notice how much less dead you feel than before. Notice the life in your body, moving as it is through the channels flooded with your desire. Enjoy any pleasant sensations you are aware of as you imagine this force of life, origin of passion, radiating within like a force of vital power. Feel yourself filled with this vitality activated by desire, and allow it to radiate outwards, a kind of radiant blessing as the sun to the green leaf.

Go on with your activities of the moment, the day, the night, and notice how things are different as you move animated more fully, by your desire. Enjoy any pleasant sensations you notice.

Notice the difference in how others respond to you as you allow your desire to be alive inside you, radiating out a blessing to all you encounter. And notice how the desire nourished in your body responds to its affect on others. Breathe deep and circulate this power within you, feeling the strength and stability that comes from within - the place of your desire.

Enjoy any pleasant sensations you notice, and experiment with your breath in intensifying and sustaining this pleasure of being alive in your desire.


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    • ginavance profile image

      Gina Vance 8 years ago from Northern California

      “We achieve what we want to achieve. If we are not achieving something, my first suspicion will fall on the intensity of our desire to achieve it.” - Muhammad Yunus Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize winner.

    • ginavance profile image

      Gina Vance 8 years ago from Northern California

      Love it Pizza Man! The tingling sensations exploded into LOL with some residual chuckling. Enjoy!

    • pizza man profile image

      pizza man 8 years ago

      Great article, I am sure that you will feel some tingling sensation when you find out that I appreciated your article... LOL

      Keep up the good work, this online business stuff is very exciting these days...

      Pizza Man