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Free Health Care: How To Stay Healthy For Free

Updated on December 29, 2012
Being happy
Being happy

We all know that nowadays, the cost of healthcare is always on the rise despite the best efforts of our government. I enjoy being at my best at all times and this can only be achieved when I am in good health. Falling ill is one of my most dreaded moments in life and although most times i experience it once in a year, i never want to experience it. We can go on and highlight the cons of losing our health and we see that the list is probably endless. Everyday, we humans search for ways to improve our health with most people ready to go any length to get such. At this stage, any information in the right direction would be welcomed with open hands. Here is my own take on getting free health.

Free Health For All

In all sincerity, the irony of this very sought-after solution is that it is very much available to us all. We really don't have to travel out of our country or home in some cases. We have been living with this solution for years without knowing. It's just like holding a new technological invention without a manual, you can't really make good use of it. The key to staying healthy and away from the hospital is actually eating right and staying happy.

Eating right

Most times people mistake this advice to mean we have to eat a large quantity of various kinds of food. Eating healthy is more concerned with the quality of the food than the quantity. We also tend to think that it is only the rich that can eat healthy. This is a false conclusion because where i come from in Nigeria, people in the villages tend to live longer than we in the cities because they eat healthy.

Eating healthy has to do with trying as much as possible to eat fresh foods that contain nutrients needed by our bodies in the right quantity. I really don't have to take two pieces of meat when my body needs just one because the other one would add up as waste. We should also try our best to balance our meals and not just focus on a particular class of food. Vegetables, fruits, milk and water should feature prominently in our diets. They tend to keep us healthy. As the popular saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure" , let us all eat healthy so as to stay healthy.

Staying happy

This is a pretty straight-forward method of staying healthy for free but it can still be very difficult to follow. Most times people just lay down rules without considering how easy it is for others. I personally don't always feel happy. We are all humans and sometimes different things happen to us that affects our mood and everything about us. In spite of all this however, we are expected to try as much as possible to make ourselves happy.

To stay happy, do what you love

Most times when i get tensed up, i pick up my iPad and listen to music. When i listen to music, i feel relaxed and pretty much forget about what it was that made me tensed. This is because i love music and it has that power of cheering me up.

Anytime you need to get away from the things that make you unhappy, do the things you love. It might be going to watch your favorite cartoon or listening to your favorite band. Yours might be relaxing in the pool or playing golf; anything that brings you joy should be what should occupy your mind at all times.

Also learn to smile often as this is known to relax the muscles on your face. I believe smiling has a way of slowing down the formation of wrinkles thus keeping your facial skin healthy. You can only smile when you are happy. Be happy at all times.

Health Assurance

This tips have worked tremendously well for me and I have been able to improve my health to the extent of falling ill just once in a year(and that is even if I fall ill at all). You too can achieve this and even better my performance. I would love you to try it out but promise me you won't just keep this to yourself. Share the information with others and save lives. Enjoy your new-found healthy life.


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