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Getting over death

Updated on June 28, 2009

The Reality

There is no overcoming physical Death in a physical world. Birth, old age, sickness, and Death are the reality of all physical beings. Overcoming Death is an illusion. What I can offer you is how to appreciate life. Love every moment and live in every moment. Internalize that we exist and honestly I have not found anyone who can say for certain how we got here on this planet. Not all questions need an answer in my humble little world I am happy just being alive and I appreciate that fact wholeheartedly.

I know it is painful when people we love die and I do not want to write as if I am some mechanical person who has no feeling. When people die we claim that we miss them and how we loved them and wish they were here so we could say what we should have said they they were alive. That is 20/20 hind sight regret.

I remember when my great grand mother died, I remember when my grand mother died, and recently my aunt died. Three great women in m life, I could never replace them I will always have a place in my heart for them and I know they went to a better place because they worked hard to make life good for as many people as they could. I appreciate their lives by trying to do the same and honor them and their good influence on my life. I would pray for those who have departed because I know they are going to exist some where else in the cosmos. Who knows we may actually see that same spiritual being again.

Really appreciate life and focus on why that person was so special. If I may I would also suggest learning to look around and see who is still alive and say everything you have to say to the living now while you are alive, that is what I practice. I make it a point to call mom just to remind her that her son even though he has grown up will always be her son and he loves her because he knows she tried her best for him. I call my family as I really miss them, I call my friends and really get on their case when we go months with out any communication. It is funny when I call, they like to say they were thinking about me and they wanted to call but..., Then I say oh you mean with the post office, Internet, cell phone, house phone, work phone you could not find time to say hi. Then they know what I mean.

This may seem odd, but in my mind I am always thinking is there anyone that I really miss. Honestly I am a busy person, but if I miss a person they will get a call, then we make an appointment to meet just to have quality time together. I put everyone else on hold so we could celebrate our friendship. I do not have many friends and family because it takes a lot of energy to maintain a real loving friendship.

How to overcome Death that is not going to happen, we all have an appointment with Death. Love life and allow your loved ones to share the burden before it tears you up inside is what I would tell my friend. Then honor the one that has departed so you could always hold a loving image of them in your heart.

I would also suggest researching how other cultures dealt with the issue pertaining to Death.

Live Now LIve Well Then Move On

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Like Angels in the nightOh what a lifeYes it is good to dream bigTrying to run away from it allLook at that smile
Like Angels in the night
Like Angels in the night
Oh what a life
Oh what a life
Yes it is good to dream big
Yes it is good to dream big
Trying to run away from it all
Trying to run away from it all
Look at that smile
Look at that smile


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    • profile image

      Neha 7 years ago

      Nice reading your thoughts. I have a friend who jst loss his mom, needed to read how to help him feel better...

      On a different note, are you a Hindu Gods devotee ? I saw a picture of Lord Krishna and Shiv ji in your profile.

      We offer prayers to Lord Krishna too and it was nice to see him and Radha in white dresses :)

    • Linda's Hub Pages profile image

      Linda's Hub Pages 8 years ago

      I like your hub,thanks for posting it & thanks for answering my question,Why do people Judge.God bless.