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How to get rid of fly related infection

Updated on June 5, 2014

Two of the most annoying pests you can get around your home is spiders and flies. With regards to flies, these can be particularly annoying especially during the hot summer months.

However, they’re not just a problem within your house in that if you’ve got a garden with a lot of fresh produce and flowers then the flies can actually eat what you’re growing and ruin the overall appearance of your garden. Due to this, many people will search online on how to get rid of flies around their home and garden.

Of course, there is more than one type of fly, which makes this process more complicated, although it’s still more than possible to get rid of the flies. However, regardless of its type, they all have the ability to spread bacteria and pathogens around your home and your garden. Due to their small size, many different flies could occupy the same area, and this therefore increases the risk that you will suffer from even a mild tummy bug if they have managed to spread their bacteria around.

Precautions to take when flies are involved

One of the biggest things that can cause flies to congregate around your house is leaving food around the place that has started to decay. Likewise, if you eat food outside in your garden, the smells can attract them if you leave the food out for too long.

In the event that you feel that flies have been around your kitchen, then the best course of action is to clean any surfaces that you feel may have been infected. This actually shouldn’t take too long at all and can be achieved by using a simple anti-bacterial kitchen cleaning counter top spray.

If you’ve seen that a fly, or flies have landed in your food then the best course of action is to throw away the food altogether. This may seem wasteful to many people, although supposing the food tht you’ve prepared cost you £6-£7 and you carried on eating it well aware that there is even a small chance that the pesky fly was harbouring bacteria and thus affected you. This could mean you’re off work for several days due to gastroenteritis which is a particularly unpleasant stomach condition. These few days off of work could cost you a lot of money in the long term if it’s the case your employer doesn’t have a sick pay plan.

Similarly, if you grow your own vegetables in your garden, then undoubtedly you’re going to have flies landing on the food. Now, depending on the visual quality of the vegetables you’ve got two options. In the event that the vegetable looks unblemished and there’s no decay on it then it would be safe to wash it off and eat it, be it whole, or prepared into a meal. Although as a form of good practise, you would always wash any produce you’re using anyway, regardless of where it’s grown.

Having said this, in the event that there is a noticeable decay or mould on the vegetable then we would recommend that is disposed of in the proper manner, such as a compost bin if you have one available. You may though be wondering why you would throw away a meal you’ve prepared and not a grown vegetable that looks to be fine. This is because once you prepare a meal, you can’t really wash any bacteria that’s on it, whereas with a single vegetable you can quickly and easily clean it. Simply running it under a tap is a great way to clean it.

If you’ve got a stomach bug and you think it’s due to flies...

In the unfortunate event that you do become ill and you feel it’s because of flies then one of the best things you can do is take plenty of bed rest during this time. You’ll also need to be drinking regularly to replace the fluid lost during your sick period. We’d also recommend that in the event that you feel extremely ill that you contact your doctor just to get a quick check up. They should also be able to provide you with some sort of electrolyte replacement. However, since you’re reading this this hopefully won’t happen since you now know how to get rid of flies.


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