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Getting the Win

Updated on April 19, 2015
Winning is on everyone's to-do list!
Winning is on everyone's to-do list! | Source

What does winning take?

Wining is the way we are designed! God did not create humanity for devastating losses, addictions and depression. He has good plans and purposes for everyone. He wants us to win! The delights of our heart come to us when our delight is first in His goodness.

No matter what the venue, winning has some common components:

  • Goals. If you have nothing to aim at, you can't hit it.
  • Risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained IS true!
  • Commitment. Life happens but achievements take work.
  • Perseverance. If you are coasting, you are going downhill!
  • Hope.Confident faith that this is your destiny!

The Scriptures offer fantastic insights into walking in victory. In fact, one of the names of God is Jehovah-Nissi: the Lord our Banner. As Christians, we walk in the victory parade of Jesus Christ. Knowing what is involved in a WIN helps us enjoy the parade!

Don't just dream: DO!


Goal = Vision

The vision for our best is in the heart of God. Seeking Him allows us to fulfill the highest possibilities--and to be fulfilled to the highest capacity! So how do we know what is a good goal? Good goals are:

  • Realistic but challenging
  • Offer good to more than yourself
  • Will change who you are for the better!

Goals need to be realistic but not so low that you will just stumble through them. Establish long-term goals first and then design the steps to get you where you want to go. Then, borrow the Nike commercial slogan and move: Just Do It!

Winners can't say "I can't"

Embrace Risk!

Be willing to fail a bit. Mastery does not happen on the first attempt. Determine to learn and practice. Improvement will come. As the Proverbs say, "All work bears profit but mere talk leads to poverty."

Arriving in the Promised Land...getting that victory involves risk! The nation of Israel had a flooded river between themselves and their Promised Land. The risk they were asked to take was significant: Take your greatest treasure...the Ark that represented the very presence of God...and step off into the flooded river.

That step of faith had to happen before God would part the waters. They walked into the Promised Land on dry ground. We must be courageous and walk into the dreams God gives. The status quo does not produce new victories. The message Joshua received repeatedly is one we still need: Be strong and courageous. God is for you!

Every victory leads you into new opportunities...and requires new risks and more strength and courage. Risk in the divine economy is a launching pad for new victories!

What win do you most want?

There are a number of good things we can desire. Moving forward in life requires that we win some tough battles. Overcoming addictions, heart aches, or poor choices are valid victories to pursue.

God desires the best for everyone: the best never includes captivity to drugs or depression. Surround yourself with people who desire your best. Refuse to listen to the naysayers. In fact, stay away from them. People who have already quit trying will try to get you to do the same. Keep your eyes on the goals in front of you, and keep working toward them.

Terrific victories to chase include: sobriety, education, healed relationships. Below are some great resources to launch you on the path to conqueror!

What do you most want a win in?

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Press on...for others!
Press on...for others! | Source

Commitment and Perseverance!

There is probably no other field of life that so effectively teaches principles of winning as sports. Consider the Olympics. The medal count is more than a hunk of metal. It is evidence of excellence and effort. We rejoice with the execution of a perfect run or a flawless performance. Winning at life requires the same intensity and focus!

Far more than just the Olympics...NASCAR, NFL, NBA...any sporting event you can think of involves hours of out-of-sight time and learning. Practice, experimentation, risks and competition sharpen performances.

Perfection is a moment in time that encapsulates many moments that were not so perfect. In fact, even the performances viewers deem perfect--trainers and coaches will review for potential improvements!

What is true in sports is true in life. The lesson to grab? The visible moment of success is a culmination and launching point for future goals! It is not an end run in itself. Enjoy the journey!

Quitting is the only real failure!

Just like the song title below, Closer is the victory! Closer is progress. Moving forward toward ever-changing goals IS the win.

True victory is pressing on, always improving, always progressing.

The only failure is to quit.

Winning is an attitude; it is commitment. Winning is all the things we started with and more. It is the key to fulfillment whether it brings an award or not.


Celebrate Success!


Hope and Faith

Hebrews tells us that those who come to God must believe that He is AND He is good! Biblical hope is confidence in God: FAITH!

Celebrating every victory along the way builds our confidence. Memorials matter. We see them encouraged throughout the scriptures. What was good for the folks in Biblical days is still good for us today!

The Israelites took stones from the bottom of the dried up Jordan and put them on the shore. Those stones were a reminder of God's faithfulness.

The steps along the way are the wins that keep you pressing on for the big WIN! Give them the credit due!


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