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Getting healthy

Updated on August 20, 2015

One step at a time

You want to lose weight but just thinking about it and all the hard work you will have to put in to it going to the gym changing your eating habit's and drinking water becomes overwhelming.Can be really easy for some one to say you can lose weight just change the life style you have which is so true but it is hard to do all at once.I was at church on Sunday and are priest was talking about getting healthy and how we should set a goal each month starting small.After church i was thinking about it and thought that is the way to do it. I thought first thing to start with is drinking water replacing my soda for a water i know water is gross but there is ways to make water taste better so here is some things you could do to make it taste better and easier to one step closer to getting healthy and an easy thing to start with and feel good with the choice.

SO water is very tasteless so here is someTips on drinking water you could squeeze a lemon in your water or an orange.Freeze ice cubes with a mint leaf in it or freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes and you will also get a little flavor to your water.Fill a pitcher of water and but berries in it and let it sit over night in the refrigerate for the next day.You can cut up a cucumber which will gives it a nice crisp taste as so do Apples more so if it sit over night.Next you should get two water bottles around 1 liter each grab a permanent marker then mark on one for am and one for pm then make marks on the bottles 9 am to noon on one and 2 till 5 on the other and make sure you drink that amount between the lines every hour and they are equal gaps in between.

How water can help your body.

This picture shows how drinking water is really good for the body and explains how it helps.
This picture shows how drinking water is really good for the body and explains how it helps. | Source

Plain Water to Royal Water

Here is some ingreditions from Booby Flay on how to turn plain old water to a much more exciting drink.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Why We Should Exercise

Exercising is one of the most important things in life. America's number one killer is heart disease, which can easily be prevented by exercising. More that 1.6 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese and United States has the highest rate of obesity. Exercise not only reduces your risk for health problems and several diseases, but it also has an effect on overall appearance. It's proven that exercising can improve self-esteem and confidence.Exercising has numerous benefits and it can even be fun. It's important you exercise so that you can live a healthier, longer, and happier live. We also exercise to manage our blood pressure, improve our digestion and blood circulation.In the past, I have never been inclined to participate in sports. Honestly, I didn't like it, but many persons whom I lived with kept telling me everyday how good it was. Since the peer pressure was growing, I decided to go to the gym. It wasn't until then that I could really understand people when they said exercise really helped a person get organized and keep yourself in a healthy physically and mentally.GET OUT AND EXERCISE!!!! It’s fun, healthy and can even improve your mood. Now who wouldn't want that? exercise can also improve your body image, and more. Everyone knows how exercising can sometimes be boring, but you can always try exercising with a friend or even listen to your favorite music for motivation.

There is effects from not exercising like Depression, Heart Disease and Diabetes are all major life threatening diseases that affect over 860,000 people combined in America every year.Obesity is also a leading cause of death in America, causing approximately 300,000 deaths each year in America. It is now considered an epidemic.

you need to do Cardiovascular and resistance exercises they are equally important when it comes to making a workout plan and burning calories. Doing cardiovascular work such as running, walking, or biking results in a temporary rise in your metabolic rate. Thus, compared to being in a resting state, you will burn more calories per minute when performing cardiovascular work. Furthermore, by doing resistance exercises such as weight machines or free weights you will increase your muscle mass.Muscle burns far more calories at rest than fat does, so by becoming more muscular, you are increasing your resting metabolic rate.Strength training improves bone strength and prevents osteoporosis. Strength training and flexibility helps prevent injuries caused by everyday activities like lifting things and hopping over puddles. Exercise tones your muscles and makes you leaner.

For a nice full body work out you should try doing these to ten exercise


2.Chest press

3.Leg press

4. Deadlift

5.Over head press

6. Bieceps arm curl

7.Triceps push down

8.Seated cable row pull


If you cant afford to pay a monthly member at a gym then you can make your ownwork out equipment with things around the house or the garage.Grab an old rubber ball(basketball works great) cut a hole init around the air tube and fill the ball up with sand until you reach the desired weight (us a weighing scale to help get the amount of pounds) Put the cut out piece back and cover with duct tape and you have a medicine ball.Old tires can be used might not be the best looking thing but it can do any size tire and use it to flip it,jump on to it or throwing,dragging with string attached to your waist.The bigger the tire the better for flipping.You could try asking farmers for there old tractor tires.A 24 inch or more box which is made out of wood or Cut two 30-inch by 22-inch panels, two 30-inch by 20-inch panels and two 18-inch by 22-inch panels glue altogether and add screws every two inches along the edges.Water bottles,cans or milk jugs full can be used as weights.Grab some PVC piping and make your own pull up bar or the kids play set using the monkey barsor sitting on top of the slide holding on and lift your whole body of the slide.Sandbags are another great way to enhance strength and endurance exercises.Battling ropes use your garden hoses start out with empty hoses. As you advance, fill the hoses with sand (don’t forget to plug up both ends) for a more challenging full-body workout.Backpacks can be great to by starting of with an empty backpack on a scale and add slowly increase the weight to the bag every few days while you are running around the block.Jump rope and hula hoop are fun ways to get moving to.


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