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Girls’ Night Out Activity Ideas: 20 Suggestions

Updated on July 10, 2011

Do you see your closest friends as often as you’d like? If not, why not try to get into the habit of scheduling a girls’ night out get together every now and then? It’s so easy to let your schedule get packed with obligations that don’t include your friends if you don’t have time set aside for a get-together. That’s one of the reasons why scheduling a set time to see your pals regularly is such a good idea.

20 Suggestions for Girls Night Activities

Depending on your schedule – and the schedules of your friends – consider setting aside one evening per week, month or quarter to get-together with the friends that you wish you had more time to spend with. Here is a list of 20 girls’ night activity ideas that you can enjoy with your pals:

  1. Book Club: Pick a book that everyone in the group will enjoy reading and get together regularly to discuss what you have read.
  2. Communicate: Spending an occasional evening just sitting and talking with your friends can be one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile ways to spend an evening every now and then.
  3. Community Service: Volunteer your services to help out at a charity event.
  4. Culinary Experience: Attend a cooking class with your girlfriends or hold a cookie exchange or tasting bee at someone’s home.
  5. Dance Lessons: Learn a new dance technique, such as belly dancing, salsa, ballroom dancing, etc.
  6. Dine Out: Go to dinner at a favorite restaurant with your best girl friends.
  7. Festival Fun: Attend a local festival event, or one in a neighboring community. Watch the tourism calendar published by your city or local convention and visitors’ bureau to keep up with available events.
  8. Get Back to Nature: Go on an overnight camping trip or spend the night at the closest beach or lake.
  9. Get Creative: Take an art class or go to a do-it-yourself pottery studio.
  10. Get in Shape: Get a group of friends together to take an exercise class, participate in swimming lessons or work out in the weight room of your local fitness center.
  11. Girls’ Night In: Have a get-together with your best pals at someone’s home so you can just hang out and enjoy each others' company. Consider holding a movie night, board game evening or an overnight slumber party.
  12. Item Exchange: Set aside a time a few times each year for an item exchange with your girl friends. Each person should bring clothes, toys, books and household items that are in good shape but no longer needed to share with friends. Attendees can swap items with each other, getting rid of things they don’t want and acquiring new goods at no cost.
  13. Language Lessons: Enroll in a foreign language class with a group of close friends
  14. Live Music: Listen to live music at a local nightclub, attend a symphony performance or go to a rock and roll concert
  15. Local Culture: Tour a local museum or art gallery
  16. Movie Night: Go to see a chick flick at the local movie pub or theater
  17. Play Tourist: Pick a tourist attraction in your town, or at a location that is within a reasonable drive, and visit it.
  18. Retail Therapy: Go shopping at the local mall, department store or thrift shop.
  19. Scavenger Hunt: Participate in a scavenger hunt outing.
  20. Theater Night: Attend a play at a local community theater or go to a professional theater production

What Ideas Do You Have?

There are certainly plenty of other appropriate activities for girls’ night out get-togethers. What other ideas do you have? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section below.


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    These are all great ideas. I'm going to get the girls together and try some, maybe a scavanger hunt. If I were to add one to the list it would be a lingerie party. Cheap and super fun. We had a company named do ours. Got to model some lingerie and buy what we liked and it was still cheaper then going out to the club.

  • Lady_E profile image


    7 years ago from London, UK

    Brilliant Ideas - particularly for the weekend.


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I love it! Every suggestion is so fun- right now, a girls night in sounds especially nice to me :)

  • Jenny30 profile image


    7 years ago from Canada

    I love girls night out! Very useful tips!

  • Philipo profile image


    7 years ago from Nigeria

    These are interesting and useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • tangoshoes profile image


    7 years ago

    What a great way to get together with friends. Volunteer! You might not do it on your own but it would seem much more fun with friends.

    Great Hub!

  • Jenne Joy profile image

    Jenne Joy 

    7 years ago from Michigan

    I recently relocated to a new town where my husband knows everyone (its his hometown) but I don't. I wish I had some girl friends around so I could try some of these out; I'll keep them in mind for the next time some of my friends visit! :]

  • slmorgan profile image


    7 years ago from San Francisco

    These are all great ideas for a girls night out. I have gone on what I call an Urban Safari where we go on foot to an area in the city and take photographs / eat at a new restaurant afterwards or take a picnic to the beach and compare digital photos. Sometimes we have a theme and decide we will photograph all of the murals or photograph all the different architecture in a given area, etc. It's more of a girls day out than night out. I think girls getting out is important. Useful / interesting.


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