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Gishy Goo Orthodontic Brace Relief Kit Dental Care for Adults and Kids

Updated on March 24, 2010

Gishy Goo provides reprieve by means of applying a protecting wall to soft tissue, which help in relieving distress from brackets, protruding wires, and fixed/functional orthodontic appliances. The is one of the easiest appliances to apply without any difficulty, by the patient squeezes a pea-sized amount of the base and activator material onto their hand, once you have the activator material on your hands you should mixes it thoroughly for about 10 seconds, after which you applies Gishy Goo to the brackets or alternatively apply wires at the source of irritation.

The beauty of the Grishy Goo Orthodontic Brace Relief Kit is that its sets in just 2 minutes, and stays in place for up to 12 hours, all this time providing long-lasting relief that won't wear away like silicone or wax materials. That’s why many people choose the Gishy Goo Orthodontic Brace Relief Kit (White Silicone) Dental Care

Orthodontist Gishy Goo

The Features of to take note of Gishy Goo Orthodontic

  • The Gishy Goo is a flavored white thixotropic silicone resin with the ability to hold firm and tight to brackets and wire for a long time after application
  • The Gishy Goo takes only about 2 minutes to Sets over Orthodontic Braces either when wet or dry so you will not struggle fixing your Gishy Goo
  • Once you have fixed the Gishy Goo Orthodontic it will last for about 12 hours maintaining its original position
  • When applied the Gishy Goo provide you with instant pain relief to irritated soft tissue and gums and lasting when you like playing instruments then the Gishy Goo is used for protection

Definition you need to know

Bonding - The procedure of attaching brackets to your teeth with a unique and special safe bonding agent or adhesive and a special light to cure the adhesive


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      kat 7 years ago

      what flavor/flavors are there?

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      Braces-for-kids 7 years ago

      Thanks. Wish I could read your post earlier, when I had braes.