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Give hope for Alida

Updated on October 11, 2012
I was about to publish today's article in a group in Facebook (We are the world) which i am the moderator when i saw a group in which i was added to by whoever it was that did it,believe me, one of the things that annoys me is folks adding me to groups because most times i find out that the group falls into a category i do not honor,anyway i always remove myself from such group but this particular one was something else. It says GIVE HOPE TO MS.ALIDA

I clicked on the group's link and my intention was simply to remove myself and as the group's wall opened, i saw this mail:

Dear brothers and sisters, friends and fans,

It is our sad duty to inform you of our sister’s current predicament. As some of you may already be aware ...our sister and a friend Ms. Alida Obinyan is seriously ill; afflicted with what was initially diagnosed to be skin cancer but further ongoing diagnosis is pointing to a more complicated direction.

The publisher was Prince IG, The mail was incomplete but something held me and pushed me to click on read more and by the time i finished reading the mail,my heart was aching and tears were dropping from my eyes so i knelt down and said a prayer for Alida and also had to do more because she needs me and i am posting this here today to let you all know that she need you too.Most of us do not know Alida, believe me, i don't know her either but i had to send her a friend request the very minute i finished reading about her.I know that she might not see the Friend request but i believe that in her pain,she will feel that i care.

She is a strong lady,a beautiful damsel,should i question him or just let it be? My heart aches and why does it ache?

Oh Alida, you are not alone
God will see you through
You are strong and i wish you well
How i wish that i can do more
Oh God shine in her life
Bless Alida and heal her
Folks Alida needs you all

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Bank Name: 1st Bank Name on Account: Valentine Adeseiye Account number: 3009378682.


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