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Where can I find a Complementary Therapist in Glasgow and surrounding areas?

Updated on December 16, 2014

Ayurvedic Doctor / Thai Yoga Massage / Reiki / NLP / Chiropractor / Hypnotherapy/ Visualisations/ Art for therapy/Creative therapeutic writing

I met Diana Kras (who is now deceased) at the Glasgow Therapist , meet up group in Glasgow which encourages Therapists to meet upand discuss ways to help and promote each others specialities. We are now meeting in The Venlaw Building (basement), 349 Bath Street (next door to the Kings Theatre down in the Aliance Group section of the building. We have now opened up the group for friends and families to join and those interested in complementary therapies.

The group meets up ever third Monday of the month at 12pm.

I volunteered to help Diana look at a space the Chiropractor Alan Binns was going to give us to run a workshop at his practice in Shawlands at 161 Kilmarnock Road. Next thing I know I'm the "Events Organiser" for the Glasgow Therapist Meet up group. However, the workshop went ahead where Alan gave us an interesting talk and showed us how he and Brad work with patients. Brad volunteered to be on the bed while Alan showed us a typical way of working with a client. It was fascinating watching them both work and demonstrate when the body is out of alignment and hearing about all the ways we end up unbalanced with what we even put into our bodies in the form of food and drink, which plays a huge part in this.

Roger Foxwell and I had a talk about Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP . He is a very experienced practitioner and we agreed to swop therapies in the future as I have a great deal of interest in Hypnotherapy. Roger is a helpful and devoted member of the Glasgow Therapist Group. His practice is at Charing Cross in Glasgow.

At the event at the Chiropractors I also gave a demonstration on that day of Visualisation which allowed the participants to go into a deep state of relaxation, but also gave them energy at the same time. The Visualisation is based on clearing the Chakras which helps to energise the person taking part. Due to the time factor we only covered a fraction of what would normally take 45 minutes to complete. Feedback was very positive with a request for more!

Diana Kras gave us an example of Ayurveda Medicine and also graciously gave us all a free sample from her wonderful medicines. At first I took the herbs, believing I probably wouldn't take them for very long, and then after about a fortnight I decided to give them a try. With some advice from Diana I suddenly began to feel as though I WANTED to get rid of the toxins in my body. Each day my stomach began to recover and soften and when my samples ran out I bought more from Diana. I believed that for the first time in my whole life, I was beginning to heal my body. My stomach in particular had been suffering for many years which meant I was unable to process food properly. This had led to IBS in particular and toxins constantly living in my body. I never wanted to drink water and ate rubbish which in turn, triggered other rubbish cravings like chocolate and sugar. The biggest problem Diana advised me about, was my lack of water. This had been causing serious de-hydration for years and Diana suggested some herbs in boiling water which I drank from a flask every 20 minutes. It was a good habit to get into. Apart from making me drink liquids it was also enhancing my digestive system and released toxins from the body.

I had avoided medicine for a long time knowing that headaches for example were caused by dehydration (for me). I knew the cure didn't come through a paracetamol which only added more toxins into the body, but by drinking water the headache would go away. And so it was good to know that the herbal remedy was certainly working and agreed with my body.

As I began to feel better and better my stomach began to get smaller and I just wanted to eat better food, indeed, healthier food. Diana showed me lovely food to cook and let me try the food she was making. I began to see the benefits of preparing food lovingly and thoughtfully, and I could TASTE the difference which was amazing.

I have now been IBS free for about 6 months which has made my life so much easier and not such a pain for others who were being constantly quizzed on where the nearest toilet was. Perhaps not the nicest subject in the world to write about and own up to, however, at least it allows others to see that it doesn't need to last forever (according to my medical Doctor).

Because I experienced Diana's expertise and Sabrina's lovely Reiki and Thai Yoga Massages, I ventured further with one of our newer members to the group.

Christine is a NLP practitioner. We have been working together for a few months and I am beginning to see how NLP is affecting the way I see my world. She just finished working with a friend of mine (2 sessions) and my friend stopped smoking. I couldn't believe it, as my friend was always stinking of smoke and running out for a cigarette at every opportunity. She says she is now a clean breathing person, so she isn't using negative language like "I'm a non smoker!"

am so delighted with all my colleagues in our Glasgow Therapist Meet Up Group.

From the Glasgow Therapist Meet Up group, we completed a day at Hillhead High School, where the Head Teacher put on a day of therapies for all the staff. We had Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Beauty massage facials and two girls from the school added their expertise by painting nails. Huge sighs of relief after the therapies, but not from us, from the teachers. They were all chilled out and ready to end their term and get off on holiday. It was a big success.

sabrina Alison

Sabrina Alison Director 1 Stop Therapies
Sabrina Alison Director 1 Stop Therapies

Janie Walker

Jane Walker
Jane Walker

Other Glasgow Therapist Meet Up Members

Roger Foxwell's  practice at Charing Cross in Glasgow's City Centre.
Roger Foxwell's practice at Charing Cross in Glasgow's City Centre.
Alan Chiropractor
Alan Chiropractor
Christine NLP
Christine NLP

Tommy Hepburn

Tommy Hepburn
Tommy Hepburn

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