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Go, Get a Life!

Updated on January 27, 2015
Our Life consists of Work and Home
Our Life consists of Work and Home
Everyone is in search of the meaning of LIFE..
Everyone is in search of the meaning of LIFE..
This is the Tree of Life...we start off as a bud and then sprout, and grow into a Tree.
This is the Tree of Life...we start off as a bud and then sprout, and grow into a Tree.
Life is Zen
Life is Zen

Life...what a word huh!

We are alive 'cause we are breathing. Each breathe we take, makes this life go on and on and on until we breathe our last.

So, while we are breathing in and making our life go on...what do we do while it is ON? Are we in the Rat -Race that makes us just work and slog and be bitter towards the end of the day? Are we always cribbing about our Boss and wait up for the weekend to come to enjoy? If yes, then we are actually just living our life on 1 day of each week i.e Saturday. 'cause Sunday goes in laundry, cleaning up and getting ready for our Monday.

A hub written on the Days of the Week gives an idea of how we live...

So, we deal with Sunday and then we start our week with the first day of the week...Monday!

Oh boy, this day goes like a drag and most of us experience a lot of heartache. Another hub of mine tackles on how to deal with Monday Blues.

So, what is our life actually besides waiting up for Friday evenings and Saturdays? Statistics show that people party hard on those two nights and get hangover on Sundays. Is that the meaning of life? We spend the coming 5 days just thinking of our past since our present is so boring. Is that it? We spend our life in the past and in the future (as to where do we party next for the coming weekend) Do we really have an aim for our dear life? Or is it just working from 9am to 8pm and then crashing on the bed to wake up to another sulky day?

We are fortunate to get this life so, why don't we go and get a life? Question is HOW?

Firstly, start with a positive atitude and that will make each day of ours look so much brighter and happier and we will wish for the day never to end. It's the mind set which can take us miles before we retire for that day...

Remember those days...when we are born and there is so much happiness around in our family. Parents are happy to have us and we are cuddled with lots of love, toys and what not...Life is good! We start school and mingle with other humans around. We increase our communication and we look at life beyond our home. Wasn't that a wonderful feeling? We loved going out and hanging around with children our age.

We could keep that same perspective now and block our egos and jealousy and hatred. As we grew up, life definitely became more complex and challenging since there is a lot of competition around we had to turn in our innocence to become mature adults.

Innocence, sure is such a wonderful gift given to us by the Almighty. A hub explaining it is linked below.

What is Life?

Life is a Zen. Life can be wonderful and we can achieve highs in this life OR it can be treacherous and can completely destroy us. We are riding our own chariot and we ought to take control of it. Let us not live only for 1 day of each week. Let us cherish each moment we are in and learn from it by bring awareness in our negativity and making sure that we are able to screen it well when it tends to take our life on a different route.

Experiment on our self:-

Let us all have a piggy bank and see how much we earn at the end of each month...

How about you deposit a penny at the end of each day IF you have had a GOOD and a POSITIVE day with an awareness of negativity in you.

I am doing this experiment on myself and would love to treat myself with the amount collected at the end of each month from my piggy bank.

Try it!

Let us all go and get a life...A life which will bring us calmness, satisfaction, happiness when we breathe our last on this planet. We don't know what kind of life we will get next so, why not make full use of it by doing good to ourselves and to our brethren around.


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