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Go for a Hike Instead of Quarantine!

Updated on April 13, 2020

With all this craziness in the world, they tell you to stay home. I think it is way more healthy to go out. Not to be around people, but to be with nature. There is nothing more healthy then going for a hike. There have been plenty of studies that prove that being in nature or even just touching dirt can increase your happiness and mental health.

I took my family hiking up a hill. People have all these excuses about having a baby, ours is 9 weeks old and I took her on a 4 mile hike with no issue. She slept the entire way and I even did a bit of climbing with her attached to me like a little monkey. If you are not going out because you have a baby, you have other problems or excuses.

It was a bit windy up in the hills, but that didn't stop us from climbing rocks and trees. I was surprised to see about four other families off in the distance with the same idea as us. We never got any closer than maybe 50 feet from them with waves and "hellos". If your town is not imposing fines or using military/police force to keep you indoors, there is literally zero risk to taking a hike right now.

Every time I go hiking since all this stuff started, I have been amazed how clear the skys have been. We are able to see things farther out from the top of hills, that we never could before. I guess the smog from cars really does muck up the place.

This rock formation has always been a spot for local teenagers to spray paint and break bottles. Times never change for some places. I have fond memories of drinking beers up on this hill and puking everywhere. It's funny that I am now bringing my kids to come climb on the same rocks.

We hiked almost to the top and zig-zagged around a bit. After about two hours of climbing and looking around we had a problem. Unfortunately we left the diapers at the bottom of the hill. My beautiful wife Kimmy got to feed the baby at high altitude and we started down. Thankfully, this baby doesn't cry very much. She had to wait to trek down to get a new diaper. Overall it was a great day. More people should be going outside during all this!


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