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Goal Setting and Achieving

Updated on July 26, 2015

Setting And Achieving Goals

Goal making is the only way you can truly be in control of your life
Goal making is the only way you can truly be in control of your life | Source

Goals?What are they?

What are goals some may ask.Let us answer it in an illustration.For example you had to go somewhere you have to clearly know your destination,your means to get there,and other important stuff like suitcases and at the end how you will know that you have reached your destination.In a way goals are the same.While starting you need to know what you want to achieve(destination),techniques,strategies and process that will get you there,other tools such as habits that are favorable to the goal you have set and lastly how you will know that you have achieved your goal.So in this chapter I put together ways to pass through all those steps involved in goal making and achieving.


Goals will help you be more confident,have more friends and happy.
Goals will help you be more confident,have more friends and happy. | Source

Why make goals at all?

It is true that it seems easy to just go with the flow hoping that what you want and dream of will come to you with less effort.But is that really the truth?If that was the case all of us would be wealthy,healthy,influential and successful.The big gap between the rich and the poor,the successful and the unsuccessful could be traced back to goal making and achieving.A rich person has set goals for himself and worked tirelessly to reach where he or she is now.So to that rich person,attaining his goal or riches is a possibility.But with the poor ones,we tend to think that the world owes us something and that it will return it by giving us the life we want.But the ugly truth is the world owes us nothing at all.If not we owe it.So the poor will sit down and hope that what they want will come knocking at their doorstep.So with them being rich is a probability.

In general,the merits of goal setting and achieving are as follows:-

  1. To have a purpose and meaning of life
  2. To know where you are,where you want to be and how to get there
  3. To make everything in your life a possibility and a probability
  4. To be more confident in your self
  5. Self confidence leads to happiness
  6. Happiness and self confidence leads to attracting more positive people in your life

Seems good to be true?Well it actually isn't.Let us go and make and achieve some goals then!!

Knowing What You Want

This might seem easy but trust me,it is not.We believe that we know what we want but actually we don't.Well to some extent we do,but we do not know what we precisely want.We cannot pin it down to the exact details.For example,we all want to have good health,healthy relationships,wealth and so on but most of us we all end there.We do not know precisely what we want or mean when we say good health.For example good health might either mean,having an average body mass index(BMI),having less than 10% body fat,having abs and so on.But all those are health goals but they are different to different people.So now you have to know what you want to the slightest detail.

And some might wonder why really is this important.For example you wanted to go to New York,and you have not been there before,how will you know exactly that you are in New York?Well the answer is simple is it not?You will just ask to see the Statue of Liberty and you will now surely be convinced that you are in New York.So the same can be said with goal making.If you set your goal to the slightest detail you will be able to know if you achieved your goal or not.

What I Want In Slightest Detail

Six pack abs,10%body fat,have a toned body.
Make 40000$ this year,have 1000$ passive income per month
Make one new friend each month to widen out my circle
Above are some of my sample goals,they do not have to be the same with yours.

Statue Of Liberty

How will you know that you are in New York?
How will you know that you are in New York? | Source

A Look At Your Priorities.

What angle in your life deserves more attention

See results

How to Get There?

After figuring out what you want next is how do you get there or how do you achieve it.For most people goal setting is not really the problem.Most of us have a title of being goal setters,which is good but not not as good as being goal achievers.So scribbling down what we want is the first step but writing down the strategies,techniques and process you are going to use to get there is better.It is like a blueprint.When you write how you plan to reach your goal is a like a blueprint that when you look at it you see if you are on the right track.And the good thing is you do not actually have to formulate the strategies,process or techniques yourself.That is why we are grateful for online resources like these.For example I wanted to feel more energized.What i simply did is I searched google and I found a great article in WEBMD.And now those are the techniques am using now.

Although making techniques,strategies and process is important we need to beware of this trap.If you wanted to get somewhere of your choice and it so happens you are using the wrong way,what will happen?You will never get there.It will be like blowing fists to the air.So as much having strategies,techniques and process is important,we need to find the right and correct ones which will surely lead us to the destination we want to go.

Habits That Get You There

Habits are a product of routine.You get some certain trigger,you respond to it with your normal routine and you get your results.Now if the routine is the same the result will be the same.So to change most of our habits we need to change our routine.And it is unthinkable to think that you can achieve a goal that goes against your habits.If it is your habit to sleep late and have a sleep debt it is unthinkable to want to achieve a goal of being more energized.Simply because the two work antagonistically.So sadly but true to achieve the goal you want you have to change the habits you have that are not favorable to the goal.

What we are now is a product of our habits.So if what we do in routine does not give us the results we want we need to change the our routines if we are to change the results we are getting.

What you Believe

Do you believe you can achieve?Do not answer me that question,answer yourself.Because if you answer me it will not mean much really.Because you know what you feel inside and it is what we feel inside that manifests in the outside.So it is important that your beliefs about yourself should be the same with your goals.For example if you want to have a six-packs,do you believe internally that you can have those six-packs you deserve?So it is vital your beliefs to be in coherence with your goals if you are to achieve any goals.

You can try to read your goals every single day like you are trying to cram for an exam.You can visualize your goals as if they have finally manifested.You can try to meditate about them.You will notice that as everyday goes by your mind and body will believe that you deserve and will have that goal.And you will start to attract the things that will lead you to achieve this goal.This basically has to do with the law of attraction.

Your Big Why

So why do you want to achieve that goal?Well identifying the strong reason towards why you want to achieve that goal will help you to feel more motivated to achieve that will help you feel more motivated and will help you be more persevering.


Goal setting and achieving is important a we discussed above.And it is the only thing that makes one poor and the other rich.It is the only things that makes one person successful and the other one unsuccessful.So it is your time today to make and achieve your goals and feel more happy about yourself.


1.You attract what you are,so work at reinventing yourself
2.Do what you can today to achieve your goal,even if small.
3.Have deadline.A goal without it is wishful thinking
4.Scribble down your goals and process.Don't depend on your mind.
Some of the things that I use to succeed in achieving my goals.

How to Make Goals Video


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