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Accomplish Your Goals By Staying Off The Couch

Updated on April 1, 2013


Most people have goals. They are objectives that you want to achieve. You might want to make more money, improve your health or travel the world. It is important to have goals. Without goals a lot of your time will be wasted. Setting goals will help you obtain the future you want. It is the first step to change your reality to reflect what you want. Do not just think of goals. Write them down and look at them often. Think about the things you would like to have and make a list of goals. Then make sub goals for the goals that will require steps.

Making goals is a lot easier than achieving them. Goals are often left unfulfilled. Achieving your goals requires action. Writing your goals down and thinking about them is not enough. On average I usually have over 24 hours of free time a week. Lots of time to work towards my goals. However achieving my goals seems harder than it should be.

My comfortable couch.
My comfortable couch. | Source

The Couch

When trying to figure out how to be more productive I noticed there is one main thing holding me back. Some people would blame the TV but it is my couch. Sitting on the couch is associated with doing nothing. It does not make me healthier, I do not get up feeling like doing anything useful and it is not very good for reducing stress.

Unless your goal is to gain weight and develop bad posture then sitting on the couch will not help you achieve your goals. I am not saying you should not sit on the couch but you should limit your coach time. For me sitting on the couch at night means I am giving up for the night. I might have plans to get up and do something useful but I rarely do. Even if there is nothing good on TV I will continue to watch it while sitting on the couch because I do not want to stop sitting on the couch. Doing things first allows to accomplish a lot more.

The couch is the main reason I have trouble taking the actions I need to accomplish my goals. Most people have the same problem. Spend less time sitting down doing next to nothing and more time actively working towards accomplishing your goals.

I run on my elliptical trainer and watch TV.
I run on my elliptical trainer and watch TV. | Source

The Television and Your Fitness Goals

The television gets a lot of the blame. I often quit working so I can watch it. However it can actually be a good tool. It can be great for working on your fitness goals. To stay in shape you should exercise regularly but working out can be boring. I exercise while watching my favorite television shows. There are a lot of exercises you can do while watching TV.

You can also use the television for learning and motivation. There are television shows and exercise DVDs that can take you through exercise routines. I learned tai chi and qigong by watching DVDs on my TV screen. Playing video games can also be a good way to get some exercise.

The Wii has a few good games for exercising. Some of the sports games like golf are almost as good as the real thing. You can play a variety of sports without going anywhere and you can play them by yourself. Playing through the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games gets me sweating and tires me out.

It is a fun way to get some exercise. I play the Wii a lot in the winter time to help keep me in shape. Some of the games are also good for improving your hand eye coordination and balance. Xbox and Playstation have followed the Wii's lead and started making games that get you moving.

The television is my main fitness tool because working out inside would be boring without it. I like biking, hiking and doing other outdoor activities during the day but during the work week I mainly exercise at night. Most of the time I workout at home. The only indoor exercises I do with the television off are ones I can not do or can not do well while watching it. I can not do push-ups and watch TV at the same time but I can while I jump rope, shadow box, run or lift weights.

It does not help much with my other goals like making more money for those goals I need to keep the TV off. However when I watch it I see places I have not visited and things I do not have. It is good for developing new goals to work on.

Getting Things Done

Sitting on the couch or a comfortable chair can prevent you from taking action towards achieving your goals. It can overcome your motivation and reduce the quality of your life. You sit down and do next to nothing for hours. Once you are sitting odds are very good that you will not get up and do something more productive. Do not let a couch or chair stop you. If you want to accomplish more then spend less time sitting on the couch. Take action before you sit down and if watching TV prevents you from working on your goal then take action before you turn it on.

To get more things done I suggest you finish the things on your to do list before sitting down on the couch. If there is something good on television and you have things you want to do after you can exercise, stand or sit on something hard like a kitchen chair. Before I start watching TV I do things on my to do list. When I start watching it I stay off the couch and do things on my to do list. Usually I workout and watch television. Later I sit down on my couch and nothing gets done after that.


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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 6 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Great Hub thanks for sharing! I have many goals which I set to accomplish by the end of the month, however most of the time I struggle to commit to them... This Hub should give me some useful pointers when getting motivation to achieve my goals, also it should provide some extra guidance for other goal setters like us!

    • Christopher James profile image

      Christopher James 6 years ago from Australia

      Great ideas you have