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Goal Setting Tips That Changed My Life For Greatness

Updated on March 5, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

The trouble with not having goals is when people talk about having them and not put forward a sincere effort to maintain, its defeat the purpose. This gives way to several questions as to what does ‘goal’ mean? How do I create a goal? How do I go about reaching my goals? Well, to answer such questions, I can say that goals should meet three criteria. They should be:

1. Measurable

2. Meaningful

3. Attainable

I enjoy writing stage plays and directing people to act out scenes. Furthermore, my goal as a writer is to be able to write different sitcoms. Also, I desire to express all the great ideas I have in my head down on paper and have an opportunity to share these thoughts with others because I want my writing to express my feelings, thoughts, and skills.

We all have goals and want to be able to control our destiny. We can all achieve our dreams when we set goals and plan appropriately. Nonetheless, it is not easy meeting goals, especially, if you are an individual that find it harder to see things through when it comes to setting personal goals. However, the best way to achieve any goal in life is to plan, act and to follow through on the approach along the way to ensure the objective are achievable.

What I want may be different from another, but setting goals will help us find the path that we may decide to choose. I want to write and hope that someday my writing and name will be well known. While one person's goal may be to live a comfortable life, and another might want to travel to far off lands. Moreover, an individual may just want to be self-employed to feel in control of his or her life. All the same, wishes may vary from person to person, but to fulfill them will make the person happy for sure. However, this is where most people go astray because they fail to set goals.

Why is setting goals important?

If you want to maintain personal goals, it is vital for one to set goals and priorities. Setting goals gives your life direction, and it is necessary as it helps you to be as transparent and as precise as possible. My goals in life are something some would consider unique, as I desire to be a successful writer. Most of my family and friends are caught up in the tradition that a person needs to have a good job so they can invest in a retirement plan. That's a good thing but, it no longer my interest; I love to write different life stories which I want to share and have them available so others can read, learn and enjoy.

Five years ago, I was unsure about the direction in which my life was going. I found myself questioning sudden choice I made and asking myself do you want to have a successful career or do you want to be a single mother caring for her child. A mother who will be striving to earn money that can be made sitting at home? Despite the confusion, I quit corporate America to sit at home to take care of my son. I left when my son begins getting in trouble a lot because I was too busy working long hours as a senior manager in corporate America.

Although, I knew having an illustrious career could earn me much money but it will not give me the satisfaction I desired being a mother to my son, and I want to be in a position where I can lead and guide him. For that reason, it is important that I fixate what exactly I want in my life. After deep hard concentration, I learned several paths might lead to the same result, but all paths may not be suitable or viable for me.

If I want a chance of surviving working from home, I must set goals that will help me earn handsomely sitting at home while I care for my son and provide shelter and put food on the table. Also, I need to be able to identify what I want and understand why I want it – set goals that will suit my needs that will bring income into the home and can get me the results via my desired paths. It is important to establish goals before I start taking actions because it will help me stick to a course of action rather than stumble from one option to the other.

Changing the Condition

As a single mother, it is my responsibility to take care of my child, but with limit income, and many stressful situations, trigger sadness. Despite this, not being able to share responsibility—to relieve of tasks when I've hit my limit— pushed me over the edge.

My son and I need several items from the store, and I was on my way to purchase them, depending on store sale and coupons when a feeling I could not control took over me. I will never forget the atmosphere, it as if it just happened yesterday. I can remember as I was driving I gripped the steering wheel of my car and found a safe place to pull over. Just as I put the car in park, my heart pounded furiously, like a time bomb waiting to blow. I had a headache out of this world, the pressure in my head was almost unbearable.

I was afraid; I was not sure what was happening to me. My chest felt heavy as if a ton of weight was dropped on top of it. The thought I was getting ready to die raced through my mind. I wanted to scream out loud for help but could barely breathe a whisper. I just sat on the side of the road there lonely, shattered and completely afraid inside. Many different scary thoughts were entering my mind as I sit there thinking that would be the end of me. Finally, I could reach for my cell phone; panic rushed over me and tears begin to flow down my cheeks like a tidal wave. I cried, and that very day I knew if I want to be around to raise my son a change must come.

From my life threatening experience, I learn when things go wrong, take in what I need from it and then push the rest aside. Limit income and a disaster is something most people hope will never happen to them. However, the chances of both things happening are greater than most will ever imagine. Moreover, I would have never dreamed of me trying to live off an income of $13,000 a year and stressing every time my income fluctuate.

What made life the most stressful are the days I wish I could have done more to make sure we had more material things and luxury times. Although I wanted to do luxury stuff, I learned from these years that life is what you make of it and I did what I had to do to improve my situation.

There were days when I felt lost and unlovable. Moreover, I’d allowed my feelings to make me think I was losing myself to shame and that had to stop. Furthermore, to make things worse I thought I had help from the Government, but I did not because the minute I made a little more they cut off my assistance. Thus, I made it without government support, although it was not easy.

If, I am going to make it without Government assistant and maintain the costs like shelter, food, electricity, phone, and the internet I need more income; so, I accepted a job as a publishing manager. I assist Authors market their books and self-publish them. Moreover, I did well, and the road to recovery begins.

I know it may sound strange but from my life threatening experience, I found myself being grateful and learning not to be a secular person. I went from being able to buy almost anything I want to, to have a very simple taste. I learn to own expensive stuff and having a lot of money does not bring happiness, and I place far more value on important things that can’t be bought. Don’t get me wrong who wouldn’t enjoy being wealthy, but it does not drive me.

Yes, I budget more, and, it is my responsibility to take an active role in shaping my future. If I want structure in my life, I must quit drift along and take full control of all my financial necessities. The Internet is my primary income source but I enjoy not having limitations, and this means I will be able to adjust anywhere I can bring a laptop, and it’s up to me as to where I sketch my life’s blueprint.

Also, after reading the BIO of the person who has inspired me to continue striving, Mr. Tyler Perry. His BIO helped encourage me to be determinate and to be the best writer I can be in this life. Mr. Tyler Perry grew up on the hard streets of New Orleans with a difficult childhood, but he refused to allow being born into poverty limit him.

As he was raised in a household scarred by abuse, it did not limit him from being an exceedingly talented writer, director or producer. From the year of 1992 during the beginning of his career, Mr. Tyler Perry struggled, beginning with his first drama, “I Know I've Been Changed.” Refusing to give up, he built an entertainment empire that consists of many successful plays, and the most watch sitcoms on Own TV called, “The Haves and the Have-nots.”

Mr. Tyler Perry’s experiences and struggles formed the foundation of his much-acclaimed sitcoms, plays, and books to A-list and became an American legend. I desire to be able to expand my writing into at least half of what Mr. Perry has accomplished during his inspirational journey into forming a base of millions of fans. Because Mr. Perry has achieved so much through determination and had overcome poverty, abuse, and other obstacles, I look up to him as he has inspired me to strive and overcome any challenges that may come my way. In a real sense, he is a role model for me. I am not half way where I desire to be but I will not give up, and I know if I refuse to give up on my goals determination are just the beginning of a better life.

Last thoughts, I have had long seasons of life where nothing was working, and from my life experience, I can say that life is a wild roller coaster ride. Nonetheless, finding happiness in life is not the absence of problems, but knowing the ability to deal with them. If you allow life challenges to conquer your mind with toxic thoughts, it will create destructive emotions.

The key to surviving a disaster is to apply what you learn to your future choices and actions and then use your experiences to grow, move forward not backward. When you do, you become stronger and wiser. It will not happen overnight, but you must put in the work nor is it easy, but it is worth it in the end.

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The Goal Setting Tips That Changed My Life

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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 9 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      You are so Welcome and I agree with you when struggles doesn't break you they make you strong.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 9 months ago from United States

      This is an amazing Hub. Thanks for sharing your own personal journey, struggles in life and the goals you which to achieve. I also have experience seasons where nothing great was happening and I had to encourage myself and seek out support and prayer from others. But through it all, I became stronger.

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 9 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you so much for your comment, Charmaine, and I agree with you, it is not easy to deal with catching a curve ball or dealing with the worse hand venture to you. A hard part is a person will never know when he or she might be pitched a curve ball, and when they catch it, they will have to make the best of it. One will have to be determined to make it through, and it is worth it in the end because just like you go through a lot, once it over you enjoy the same way.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 9 months ago from Australia

      I feel for you Pam...I don't know what to say....your personal story was heartfelt to me. You made it. And redefining one's life is not always easy especially when it is forced upon you.Here's to you.