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Golfers Elbow

Updated on July 12, 2010

What is Golfers Elbow?

 Golfers Elbow is a similar condition to the more common and more famous Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow is inflammation of the tendon at the elbow that cocks the wrist backwards. Golfers Elbow is inflammation of the tendon that tilts the wrist forward. Both are annoying in their milder forms and disabling when things get bad.

Both conditions can occur when there is a change in normal upper limb usage patterns although it frequently begins without an identifiable cause.

Golfers Elbow has been traditionally difficult to treat with some modalities such as stretching or ultrasound working for some people but not all. New advancements in the treatment of Tennis Elbow have been modified for Golfers Elbow and are showing promising results.

The Flexbar

Flexbar Exercises For Golfers Elbow

 Tendon disorders throughout the body have been successfully treated by a type of exercise known as eccentric exercise. Until recently, there was no way of applying this technique to the tendons at the elbow. A simple and inexpensive piece of exercise equipment has changed all that. The Flexbar is a rubber exercise bar that costs less than $20. Using this item anyone can treat themselves and cure their tennis or golfer's elbow at home.

Written and video instructions for Golfer's Elbow are included below. The exercises are different, so if you have the other type see the Instructions for Flexbar Tennis Elbow

It is important to do the exercises correctly so read through the written instructions a few times and match them to the video until you are sure you have it right.

Locating a Flexbar

 You can buy a flexbar from some Physical Therapists or you can find one online following the link to the right. Smaller people should choose the Red resistance level and larger people the Green. You don't need to be too concerned over the color as the tension can be increased by twisting the bar further if required.

Golfer's Elbow Flexbar Exercise Instructions

Written Golfer's Elbow Flexbar Instructions

Before starting to describe this exercise it is important to define which arm is being treated and which arm is assisting in setting up the exercise. In the video above, the majority of the movement seen is not the exercise that treats the Golfer's Elbow. The bulk of the movement is setting up the arms into the position to enable the very subtle eccentric exercise.

The following description will match the video and is for treating the LEFT arm. In order to treat the right arm the instructions are reversed.

1) Start with the left elbow bent so that the hand is at shoulder height. The palm is facing the body. Place one end of the Flexbar into this hand and grip firmly.

2) Bend the right elbow and raise it above shoulder height. The right hand should be lower than the elbow and the palm facing outwards. Grip the other end of the flexbar with this hand.

3) Keeping a firm grip on the Flexbar, lower the right elbow as you straigten both arms out in front, twisting the bar as you go.

This completes the preparation for the Flexbar Exercise. The exercise itself is the final slow movement of the left wrist seen in the video. To do this correctly:

A) Keep the assisting hand (right) still, gripping the twisted Flexbar.

B) Slowly roll the left wrist, cocking it back, as the flexbar unwinds. This is the vital eccentric exercise that treats your Golfer's Elbow - allowing the bar to unwind but controlling the movement.


How Many Flexbar Exercises Do You Do?

As you can see from the video, a single exercise takes only a few seconds. The Flexbar exercise program is not going to take much time out of your day. Start by doing 5 repetitions, 3 times a day. You will feel the exercise at your elbow but this should be no more than a temporary discomfort. You should not get a noted increase in your pain.

Stay at this level of exercise until the slight discomfort you feel after each set decreases until you barely notice anything at all. Now you can increase the number of repetitions per set until that same level of discomfort returns - try 10 each time.

Continue this program of gradually increasing the repetitions done until your every day symptoms have gone. It is probably wise to continue with the exercises for a few weeks after this to be sure.

If at any stage in the future you feel your Golfers Elbow starting to return, reintroduce the exercises immediately, before the problem re-establishes itself.

What Are You Waiting For?

Following these instructions anyone can now successfully treat themselves. No more physical therapy  or doctors bills, only a single outlay of less than $20 for the flexbar itself.

You also have the reassurrance of knowing that you have the ability to treat this condition at anytime in the future should it try to return.

All you need to add is a bit of motivation and commitment. Get a Flexbar and get to work!

The Test For Golfer's Elbow

Medial Epicondylitis a.k.a. Golfer's Elbow


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