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Good Habits To Start Right Now

Updated on November 12, 2019
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Krishna has been a writer with an enthusiasm about life and psychology. She loves improving herself through reading and constant learning.



Habits are small decisions and actions that you do every day. These are actions that you usually do to improve your life. Here is a list of some good habits that can change and improve your life for the better:

What are the Good Habits that You Should Practice from the Moment You Wake Up?

1. Wake up early to accomplish many things early.

2. Visualize what you want to accomplish for the rest of the day and realize the most important tasks to be done. Do them first.

3. Make your bed for clearer surroundings and clearer thoughts.

4. Stretch a little or do a little exercise to get yourself pumped up.

5. Drink one glass of water to hydrate yourself.

6. Eat breakfast to be energized.

7. If possible, read a book even if just a small passage before picking up gadgets and checking your notifications.

8. Groom yourself.

9. Take a walk to break out of the daily routine or work or your schedule.

Habits You Can Practice Every Single Time

10. Say thank you and please.

11. Practice kindness.

12. Always offer others if you have something, for example, share your food with others next time you eat.

13. Be on time.

14. Smile often whenever you meet eyes with people you know.

15. Learn to say no.

16. Pause and think it through before hitting send every time you send a message.

17. Listen more.

18. Appreciate more.

19. Laugh.

20. Talk with a positive person.

21. Get some sun by going out, especially if you work indoors.


Habits You Can Practice to Improve Your Health (Healthy Habits)

22. Drink more water.

23. Cut out drinking soda.

24. Avoid junk food.

25. Focus on eating leafy vegetables and fruits.

26. Floss every day.

27. Stop bad habits that damage your health.

28. Avoid your vices and eventually stop doing them.

29. Take a nap to energize after a long task.

30. Stretch and exercise every now and then.

31. Walk your dog.

32. Get enough sleep.

How to Improve and Manage Your Finances?

33. Learn how to save.

34. Learn how to budget.

35. Practice mindful shopping and avoid impulsive buying.

36. Learn how to invest and eventually invest your money.

37. Increase your sources of income by doing passive income.

38. Read more to increase your knowledge of financial literacy.

39. Save a part of your income before you spend.

40. Avoid debt.

41. Make it one of your priorities to clear all your debts.

42. Consider that every penny counts.

43. Do not just buy everything because it is on sale, think about its importance and value.

How To Improve Your Productivity

44. Program your phone to give you reminders.

45. Do first the most important tasks.

46. Take a break every hour to not exhaust yourself.

47. Return items to their respective places after using them. Getting a nice and clean environment will motivate you to be more productive.

48. Devote your remaining time for self-care and self-improvement.

49. Always be motivated to learn new things to get yourself doing something helpful.

How to Increase Your Self- Confidence

50. Maintain proper posture even while sitting down.

51. Do not look down while walking.

52. Invest time in maintaining your personal hygiene.

53. Stay fit by doing exercises every now and then.

54. Smile more.

55. Appreciate and give yourself compliments.

56. At the end of each day, reflect on what you have accomplished.


How to Clear Your Mind and Be Happy

57. Do what makes you happy. Practice your hobbies. You can even search on how to earn from your hobbies. For example, you like to paint, maybe you can sell them online!

58. Have a journal every day where you reflect on the events that happened throughout your day. Include your thoughts, feelings, regrets, and everything that you wish to accomplish more in your journal.

59. Read a spiritual text every day to become spiritually-minded.

60. Look nice to feel nice.

61. Give yourself a treat for a job well done every now and then.

62. Treat yourself to a good bath every day.

63. Spend more time with your family without checking on your phone.

64. When you are hanging out with friends, avoid using your phone and focus on engaging in meaningful conversations.

65. Every now and then, hit up and old friend and ask how he/she is doing. There is nothing wrong with doing this once in a while.

66. Do not be afraid to meet new people.

Habits can change your life. Stop bad habits and start good ones. It is never too late to improve on yourself and have a better lifestyle. Happy living!

© 2019 Krishna


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