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Good Posture Helps You To Lose Weight

Updated on March 22, 2016

It may sound impossible but it is possible. Many people don’t believe by just sitting or standing straight you can lose weight. In fact, by sitting up, or stand straight you are exercising your muscles to be taut and firm. Though standing is more efficient in losing some weight, but a normal person in an average spends 4 to 5 hours in standing position which is comparatively less than 8 hours he spends on sitting.

You may be aware of health welfare programmes cautioning you, not to sit for more than three hours.

In truth, it is how you sit, not how long you sit. I am going to explain this to you with some rational facts.

Right posture
Right posture | Source

Good posture

Good posture is one kind of exercise to strengthen your muscles and to lose calories. This is because a lot number of muscles are put into action, to steady your body in that pose such as standing up straight, keeping the back straight and abdomen tight.

People who improve their posture see positive results ,not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

At work places or at home sitting in erroneous way, placing items beyond normal reach (phones, keyboard, the things you use often)straining your neck to read computer screen affects your normal body posture. These behaviours lead to hunched shoulders, a very good layer of fat in the lower part of the body and tense muscles.

Bad sitting posture
Bad sitting posture | Source

Do your posture self -check

  • Find a flat supporting wall
  • Lean on the wall, with your heels, back of the body pressing against it.
  • Just pass, one of your hand, between the wall and your lower back.
  • The space should only be about the width of your hand. If the space is larger than expected, and you must know there is a problem with over curvature or body posture.
  • Too much curve in the lower back will pull your head forward and round your shoulders. This posture looks unattractive and lead to variety of physical strains and pains throughout the body.

The Right Sitting Posture

  • At office adjust your chair and other essentials in a way that, not allow you to slouch.
  • At home buy a balance ball chair and train yourself to sit straight.
  • Sit with both feet firmly on the ground.
  • Keep your shoulder back and head raised.
  • Keep your lower abdomen tight.

What are the signs of bad body Posture?

It is always better, to practice a good posture. Our body muscles lose their elasticity when stretched beyond their limit. Your muscles will adapt these positions,if you keep them in for extended periods.( it is like an ordinary rubber band when it is stretched to its limits it regains the shape when stretched beyond from its normal shape for a longer time it loses its original shape) The same thing happens to body muscles when stretched and strained beyond their limit, they lose their original shape.So if you sit with a slouch for a longer time, your muscles remember and try to keep this position.

  1. Rounded back.
  2. Drooping chest and shoulder.
  3. Head protruding forward.
  4. Tilted pelvis and hips.
  5. Collapsed arches in feet.
  6. Body rotation.
  7. An elevated shoulder and hips.

How to have correct posture?

How good posture can be helpful in losing weight?

Even at rest your body burns a significant amount of calories. This is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and it includes the calories burned for the most basic human function such as breathing and pumping of blood. Men typically burn more calories than women, as muscle burns more calories than fat, and men typically have more mass than women. A sedentary 200lb man will burn about 2,230 cal per day whereas a sedentary 200lb woman will burn about 2030cals.

You are always burning calories even while sitting at your desk or relaxing at home. An average person burns 70 to 90 cal when sitting at a table, however it depends on the length of time they are sitting. The more you weigh the more calories you will burn. While a 150lb woman will burn 36 calories while sitting for thirty mts and 200lb while200lb man will burn 40cals

Sitting up straight and practising good posture will increase your calorie burning while sitting.. Sitting up straight instead of leaning back in the chair requires to use the muscles in your abdomen. You will feel a slight tightness in your back and pelvic region and while you may not feel the muscles of your abdomen doing this..Sitting up straight doubles the BMR ,effectively you may lose 75 to 80 calories in 30 minutes. If you manage to sit up straight for long hours you will be definitely be toning your muscles in your back and abdomen and also burning extra calories to do that.

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The straight posture increases your lung capacity ,helps you to breath better. The increased intake of oxygen rise the metabolic rate in cells ,burning fat. Stretching your muscles while you are sitting also helps you to burn more calories.

Some other simple methods are you can flex your feet, rotate your ankles, stretch your leg,arms, face muscles, drumming your fingers, moving head in circles, even rolling your eyes help you to burn some extra calories.

Table on calories burned per task in particular time

Burn calories
Window shopping
Planting flowers
1 hour
Raking the lawn
1 hour
1 hour
Washing the Car
1 hour
Playing the musical instruments
Throwing ball
30 minutes
walking the dog
30 minutes
Bathing kids
Folding laundary
30 minutes
Talking on phone by standing
30 minutes
Laughing at a funny movie
30 minutes
Doing crossword
30 minutes
Chewing gum
2 hours
Climbing stairs
1 minute
Deep breathing
Deep breathing | Source

Are you a shallow breather?

Do this simple test and know

  • Place your palms against the lower part of your stomach.
  • Gradually blow out all the air.
  • Now take a deep breath.
  • If your stomach does not expand when you inhale then you are probably a shallow breather.

Effects of deep breathing

It may be surprising to learn that simply by doing something you do 20,000 times a day a little better you can burn off more calories than rigorous exercise.

According to a study conducted a simple breathing exercise can burn off 140% more calories than riding a stationary bike, that is if you do some deep breathing for just 30 minutes a day you can burn off 350cals. ( where an average 125lbs person walking at average speed of 3.50mph for 40 minutes covering 2.33 miles burn just 187 calories)

Studies indicate that most people only use about 23% of the oxygen capacity of their lungs. By training yourself to breath correctly you can increase that to 75% and maximise your body’s calorie burning abilities. When your body has more fuel , it is used to burn more calories and fat.

How to do deep breathing by sitting?

Deep breathing is also called diaphragamatic, abdominal and belly breathing (babies does this) Here are the steps

  1. Inhale through your nose evenly, at about five count and allow your diaphragm to relax and your stomach push out.
  2. This allows more air to enter your lungs.
  3. Hold your breath , at a count of 7.
  4. Now exhale slowly through your nose or mouth at count of 10. The more the carbon-di-oxide you release out , the more you will feel fresh and active.

Sitting up straight and taking deep breaths, can help you to shed some weight and tone your muscles. At work place, take a break at every two hours (set an alarm or a remainder in your phone) do the both for five minutes, you will feel much better than before. Regular practice helps to retain the shape and to lose weight quicker. The improved posture of your body not only take away some calories but also unwanted strain and stress from your body systems and help you to feel better in many ways.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 11 months ago from the short journey

      For most, posture correction is an ongoing goal. You offer a matter-of-fact perspective on the issue that inspires us to keep at it. Thanks for some good tips.

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 12 months ago from INDIA

      Hi Nell Rose thanks for the read and appreciation. Little things do really wonders, but we naturally fail to observe them in time. Always realization comes in later part of life.(to me when my belly fat become tire)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 12 months ago from England

      I remember my doctor having a really weird chair, when we asked he said it was great for his back! it was like soft small stool that tucked your feet under, great ideas and info, thanks!

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 13 months ago from INDIA

      Yes, the point is keep your muscles taunt by some action, so some fat is burnt than settled.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 13 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      I needed this reminder for good posture. I had no idea chewing gum could burn calories. I like to walk and window shop to use up extra calories.

      Thanks for this informative hub.

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 13 months ago from INDIA

      Thank you for liking it!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 13 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting topic.

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 2 years ago from INDIA

      Hi, thank you for visiting my page and the wonderful comment.

    • Apoorva Rao profile image

      Apoorva Rao 2 years ago

      Hey wonderfully put across ! Gotta straighten up now :)

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 3 years ago from INDIA

      Thank you very much teaches12345 for stopping by,and for the appreciation. Yeah ,I too like window shopping ,as one of the desirable method to shed some calories, but carrying some shopping bags along, ah! great relief :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Your task chart is interesting. It gives me a good excuse to go window shopping all afternoon! Great post on this topic and I learned lots from your information.

    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 3 years ago from INDIA

      Thank you very much, JaneA for reading my hub and leaving an encouraging comment. I like simple things, they are always very effective and bring more happiness in life.

    • JaneA profile image

      JaneA 3 years ago from California

      What an unusual topic - and so well written (I straighten up a bit as I write this!). Simple but healthy things we can all do just sitting at our desk.