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Good News- I Must Be Incredibly Intelligent. Bad News- I Don't Know What to Do With It

Updated on June 28, 2020
Sandra Miliers profile image

Sandra, a hobby writer that loves creating essays about everything inside her head full of knowledge.

According to an article, I carry most of the traits to be incredibly intelligent.
According to an article, I carry most of the traits to be incredibly intelligent.

Surfing the internet.

Recently I came across a page talking about traits of intelligent people. As always, I was looking at something completely different, and a side page came up, and I just felt the need to click on it. And what I found freaked me out a little.

I started reading it, first out of curiosity, and then I got more and more "addicted" to reading it. I was amazed of how all the traits of myself were laid in front of me, one after one.

The traits.

Firstly it talked about being bored with small talk. Check 1 for me there. When I find myself at a place with people only talking about shoes and make up and fashion and celebrities, I get bored directly. "did I come here for this?", "where's the important stuff?". Things like that occurs in my head. It's like my brain just don't want to listen. I feel frustrated with the whole situation. I'm done.

"They think in ways of the deep", it said, and that's just me. Give me an interesting discussion about genetics, psychology, history, medicine or science, and I will be all ears. Listening away, and sharing the knowledge I have.

Second thing was being seen as reserved and/or overly serious. Check again. I think most people have the first impression of me as an introvert. I have often been describes as "reserved" and "shy", however it is something I haven't really related to, as I connect "shy" with low self-esteem among others, and that is something I can't say that I think is correct on me, I have never seen myself as a low self-esteem girl. However it is true, when in a group, I tend to be quiet, and listen more than I talk.

Socially akward. BING! Me again. I always come out as the weird one at parties. Maybe that's why I don't like social gatherings so much. Sometimes it almost feels like people feel akward around me, almost hesitant to talk to me, like they are going to get themselves into some difficult conversation they just can't get out of. It's a common ocurrence.

The struggle to make friends. Me again. The few friends that I have that I consider real friends, I've had for years, but at the same time, they are so few, that I could probably count them using a hand and a half.

"Sometimes people are intimidated by highly intelligent people". Yep, me again. The number of times I have ended up in verbal fights with someone, (normally women), screaming and being screamed at. Being called names. Countless. So many times, I've lost track. I always thought it was jealousy, for some reason, but I never managed to figure out what they would have been jealous about, I am really nobody to be jealous of. Now I understand. Weirdly enough, they must have felt threatened by my smartness.

"You don't get out much", was the next segment on the list. True again. I don't. I never have been that type of girl. During my years at university, I have to be honest and say that I experienced my fair share of partying and socializing, but during the rest of my adult life, I have always preferred being at home or alone, than going out with my friends. Probably the reason why I have few friends, but I have never really seen it as a problem...

Next point was: Overly analytical. Another point for my league table. As long as I can remember, I have had this sense for going into a room and noticing everything there. Every little detail. From what the curtains looked like, to remembering the photo on the counter, to the fact that there was a lady that had a skirt with butterflies on, and a brosche that looked like a kettle. When I was a kid, it was just normal to me, but now as an adult, I realize that not everybody is like this.

Then came the two where I didn't "fit in" in the article.

The first one was indecisiveness. Sorry, can not sign up for this one. I have never had problems with this. Choosing one or another. According to the article, highly intelligent people need to analyze everything and take everything inot account before buying something, but this is not me. When it comes to things like for example groceries, I just take one or another, the regular if they have it, and if they don't something similar. I do however, often compare prizes and "use of package deals".

Pressure to succede. Not really. Another one where I fall through the system. I don't need to always be the best. I have never felt the need to compare myself to other people. I am good the way I am. Not always need to be on top of the list or get all the medals. I grew up with those believes. And as an adult, I have followed them. Nor better nor worse than anybody else. Just me. And I like it this way.

So, I can see myself fitting in on six of the eight traits of that article. According to this, I must be very intelligent without knowing about it. But where do I take this now? Do I? Should I believe in that article? If it is true that I am as smart as they say I am, how can I canalize it into something useful for me? Something that makes me happy?? Could I even make money out of it? I would really like that idea.


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